Discovery Airs Nature Documentary, “Planet Earth”

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When it’s TV time at our house, The Backyardigans and Spongebob are usually in high demand. But lately, the requests have been for “Planet Earth.” Planet Earth is an 11-part nature documentary currently being shown on the Discovery Channel. The series was originally a BBC program, narrated by naturalist David Attenborough. The US version is voiced by Sigourney Weaver.

The episodes look at animals and their habitats from the North Pole to Antarctica – and everywhere in between. Each episode visits a different ecosystem: mountains, deserts, caves, and so on. Viewers are treated to a wide variety of visual treats, from an airborne great white shark to the Alien-like parasite, cordyceps. (No wonder Sigourney Weaver was involved.)

Film crews visited more than 200 locations in 62 different countries. The series took more than five years to complete and filmed animals and behavior that had never been captured for the world to see.

While there are some potentially disturbing sequences for younger kids (animals hunting and eating their kills), the series is informative, engaging and entertaining.

The show is airing on the Discovery Channel and Discovery HD — and it’s exquisitely gorgeous in HD. Check your listings and try to catch an episode.

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