You Can Draw Star Wars

Geek Culture

This weekend was my oldest son’s tenth birthday, and his favorite present, hands down, was You Can Draw Star Wars, a book that delivers on exactly what it says, brilliantly. It starts with stick figures and goes all the way through muscles to faces, hands and coloring. Characters, vehicles, even manga-style variations! The book itself is beautifully made, with vellum paper layers, a speech-bubble stencil and fold-out progressions.

By the end of the weekend, my son had made a two-page, 12-panel comic that he photocopied and sold to his siblings for $0.25 each (his sister got $0.05 for delivering each one).

The team behind it is top-notch, including famed Star Wars crafter Bonnie Burton and illustrators Matt Busch and Tom Hodges. Best of all, they’ve put some free video lessons on the Dorling Kindersley DK Kids site, which looks like this:


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