Easter Egg Deployment by Rocket

Geek Culture

At the LUNAR launch event this weekend, Tony’s rocket was highly anticipated by the kids.  It launched up on a short-burn motor and then released nearly a hundred little parachutes attached to M&M-filled Easter eggs that drifted down to a swarm of kids trying to catch the candy rain.

Pinata_launch_3Pinata_launch_3 Flying Easter EggsFlying Easter Eggs

When the parachute pops, the kids start to run.

Go!Go! It's Raining Easter EggsIt's Raining Easter Eggs

The kids swarm across the plain as the wind carries the parachuting candy – 9 lbs of M&M’s in plastic eggs.

One of the Eggs contained a video camera.  Here is the Egg’s perspective

My Dad shot a video from the ground of the Easter rocket excitement… what every Estes rocket dreams of…

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