Like an R/C Plane – but Bigger – Pt 2

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Several folks have asked for a picture of the completed biplane.  For the record, it is called a Pitts Model 12. I’m enclosing two photos – one is the finished structure temporarily assembed for a "rigging check" (minus the fueslage sheetmetal), and the second is the covered and painted plane after the first flight.  As far as I know, it is the only biplane out there with a glass cockpit and MEMS-based AHRS!

I can’t emphasize enough how great this was as a family project.  Any skill you can imagine was required – woodwork, metalwork, welding, sewing, gluing, schematic design, wiring, painting, plating, design, and lots and lots of patience!

If people have interest in seeing other examples of the Pitts Model 12, I heartily recommend the website – if you look under the "airplanes" tag, you’ll see an archive of the 32 completed planes.  Mine is listed as "247AG".

Airplane_riggedAirplane_rigged Pitts_in_hangarPitts_in_hangar

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