Big projects and the kids

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After my first post on the biplane, I was asked, "were the kids involved?"  The short answer is, "of course." My excitement about Geekdads stems from my own childhood – we never owned a television, but had a workshop, electronics lab, and pottery studio.  In a 1200 sqft. house.  At night after homework,  my parents offered what was referred to as "a choose" – wherein I was able to work on a woodcarving, throw a pot, or build a model of some sort.  It’s fueled a lifelong passion for the creative process.

My great lament is that fewer and fewer people actually know how to make anything.  If this blog inspires one person to go out and cut some cardboard, glue some balsa, or write a computer program, we’ve succeeded from my perspective.

Back to the kids.  I got my older daughter (now faily large) involved from about age 4.  She didn’t relate to the timescale of a larger project, but loved to pitch in.  Our younger daughter starterd earlier. Both love the shop, and share a small workbench I built for them several years ago.Sherboat3Sherboat3 Jordan_in_pittsJordan_in_pitts  

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