Awesome Micro-Helicopters

Geek Culture

Picco Z micro-helicopters are outrageously fun and surprising simple to fly for both big and small kids.  My sons and I had these helis up and going within minutes.  Unlike most R/C helicopters, Picco Zs don’t require much trimming or any prior flight experience.  As long as the helicopters are charged up, they’re going to fly and entertain.

Given these advantages, there are bound to be disadvantages.  Anyone with even modest R/C helicopter experience will note that the controls are limited. While it is possible to get the helicopter to go where you want it to go, it’s impossible to force the helicopter to take an exact route to a desired location. Of course, a lot of the fun is in figuring out how to control the helicopter and following its seemingly random path from one place to another. The good news is that these helicopters are quite resilient, so they tolerate a lot of experimentation and “random path obstacles”.

Picco Zs come in three frequency “colors”: red, yellow, and blue. Consequently, you can have all three going at once; ideal for top secret missions in the living room or (on a calm day) outdoors.

You can buy them at ThinkGeek for $39 each.

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