Assert Your Geek Trivia Dominance With Geek Out!


If you’re a trivia minded person or someone who thinks he knows a lot about geek culture, Geek Out! might be the game for you. This challenging game of making lists will entertain and frustrate you as you try to quickly remember a wide-ranging field of trivia. Continue reading

Becoming a Geek

Photo by Flickr user lydia_shiningbrightly (CC BY 2.0)

Hi there. Rory here, stepdad and geek extraordinaire! I’m one of the five (yes five!) new writers for GeekDad. I have walked many paths in my life. I have saved lives, been a model, a photographer, and an activist. And all throughout that time, I’ve never considered myself a part of the “In Crowd” or the “Geek Crowd.” I’ve simply been myself. It wasn’t until a short time ago that I discovered that I’m a capital “G” Geek. How is it that it took so long for me to become a geek? The answer is simple. Continue reading

New Book Investigates the Wide, Wonderful World of LARP

However you describe this hobby/art form/performance — Part Dungeons & Dragons game gone native, part walk-through choose-your-own adventure, part live video game with padded battle-axes and swords, part improv theater performance in the woods — larp is experiencing a cultural … Continue reading

Stephen H. Segal Talks Geek Wisdom: The Sacred Teachings of Nerd Culture

Growing up in the weird, post-Hippie-era, anything-goes 1970s, I don’t remember my parents passing down sage advice to me. I more or less had to find my own words of wisdom. So, in my pagan, skeptical, non-religious household, the words of … Continue reading