At Least 17 Reasons Why Your Kid May Be Playing Animal Jam

Joi Podgorny

Image: National Geographic

Tell us who you are and what you do.

My name is Joi Podgorny and I am the Director of Community Engagement at Smart Bomb Interactive, creators of various online and mobile games, including and Tunnel Town, on mobile. I oversee in-game moderation, as well as all customer service and social media engagement efforts for our brands.

For the uninitiated, what is Animal Jam?

Animal Jam is an online playground targeted toward children where players can become their favorite animals and play in a beautiful and immersive online world – filled with games, interaction and tons of learning opportunities. We partner with National Geographic for much of our multi-media content, so as kids are playing, they can watch videos about animals in their habitats, play games with trivia about the natural world and interact with friends surrounded by artwork inspired by real world flora and fauna.

Animal Jam screenshot

Image: National Geographic

What does success look like for a project like this? Is it simply numbers and registrations? How do you measure engagement or learning?

We definitely look at all the numbers that an average business looks at – revenue, sales, registrations, etc. But with a product that contains community, we are lucky to have other metrics that can gauge success – like engagement on and off the site. The average play session for our players is well above the average for online games – 60 minutes. During that time, they have tons of opportunities to play and interact, and as I like to say – accidentally learn. Players watch over 60,000 minutes of videos each day and read over 275,000 animal and plants facts a day that are throughout AJ.

What are the main federal rules that govern your work?

As a game where players can purchase memberships, etc., we are, of course, PCI compliant with our financial transactions. We also comply with the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA), but went even further and gained Safe Harbor with the FTC to ensure that we have even more help staying up to date as the laws change within the industry. We chose Safe Harbor through the Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU), as they also help to ensure that our advertising to children stays within best practices. As we expand into non-US markets, we will seek to achieve similar best practice status within each territory.

And what does COPPA compliance mean for you in practice?

COPPA compliance ensures that we are doing everything we can to keep children’s personally identifiable information safe and secure and that we are keeping their parents aware of what our information privacy practices are. As such, our databases are secure and we have robust filtering systems for our registration, chat and image collection functions. I manage a large team of human monitors, all background checked and thoroughly trained, who constantly verify and improve our rules, guidelines, triggers and settings to ensure we are doing the most we can daily to keep that information secure – both according to the law, but also above and beyond, for the sake of our brand and for the players.

At what kind of scale are you working? How many kids can freely chat with each other?

We have over 16 million registered users on Animal Jam. Our default chat setting is Restricted Chat, meaning that players can interact with each other using only words in our pre-selected dictionary. If a parent decides they would like their child to have more or less freedom in their chatting, the parent can choose to change their child’s chat settings within our Parent Dashboard. For example, should the parent wish to allow their child to type “Yaaaaay!” instead of just “Yay!” they could change the setting to Safe Chat that allows words to be typed outside of the dictionary. Conversely, a parent could choose to limit their child’s interaction to Bubble Chat, which only allows their child to choose from pre-selected phrases. This said, the vast majority of our players (over 80%) are perfectly content using our default Restricted Chat setting.

Our team reviews chat daily to verify our filters and settings are calibrated correctly, as well as to ensure that we are keeping up with new cultural trends and tactics players may be trying to dodge or otherwise circumvent our filters.

You threw my daughter out of Animal Jam when she was making plans to meet a friend for lunch, which I thought was a pretty impressive catch. She thought she had mistyped “duck.” What other kinds of behaviors or activities have you interrupted?

Thanks – I always love it when we can turn a discipline from the game into a positive parent interaction. As far as other behaviors/activities, where do I start? Obviously, for COPPA compliance, players trying to give out personal information is a very high priority – that’s addresses, emails, and phone numbers – but even Skype and other instant messaging usernames, FaceTime handles, and any other methods where players would be communicating outside of the game and potentially sharing that personal info.

While there is no law around it (which most parents are surprised to learn) we are also very diligent regarding inappropriate behavior and conversations, including cyber dating, drugs/alcohol, violence, vulgar language, cyberbullying and anything else we have deemed inappropriate to be associated with our brand and within the younger demographic we attract.

How much grassroots community has grown up around AJ? Do you seek to influence it?

Our fan community is truly epic and it is always a great source of pride when I work on a brand that can inspire one. In addition to the vibrantly engaged communities that we have developed on social media sites, there are many fan-run communities on those same social media sites with numbers that rival our own.

Image: Animal Jam Rush Blog

Image: Animal Jam Rush Blog

Plus, we have thousands of fan blogs and fan sites that act as citizen journalists, reporting on news within our world of Jamaa, including new items, opinions on new content and guesses of what’s to come. We only interact on our brand controlled channels, but the kids know we are paying attention since we respond to their feedback whenever we can via new content features or promotions.

Your site is built in Flash. Has mobile taken its toll on you, as it has for my own games production? What is the technology outlook for desktop-based worlds? HTML5? Unity?

Our goal is to create an enduring and trustworthy children’s property, so we look at mobile as an opportunity. Desktop-based gaming isn’t going to vanish as a result of the mobile revolution, but you’re right – the technology outlook has changed. As a company, we’ve made a big commitment to Unity on desktop and mobile platforms, and we have some Animal Jam stuff in development that we think is pretty revolutionary. Flash still has its place, at least for the next few years. And 2D games will always be around, because there are some great play mechanics that can only be done well in 2D.

After Club Penguin was bought by Disney, there was an explosion of virtual worlds but many have gone by the wayside. Is there still a future for such things?

We don’t really think of AJ as a ‘virtual world’ in the Club Penguin mold. The point of most virtual worlds is to get players heavily invested in one avatar character that represents them to the world, and then advance that character through a social hierarchy or leveling system. Animal Jam encourages players to try on lots of different animal characters, and to distinguish themselves in the world differently according to how they feel like playing that day. It’s a virtual world in the sense that any persistent online environment is a virtual world, but that includes most MMORPGs, too. We think of Animal Jam as a social network and playground, and there is definitely a future for those.

About Bill Shribman

Bill is a Senior Executive Producer at WGBH in Boston where he runs the team making digital things for kids. He is also an occasional affiliate at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society. His geekdaddery extends to being the proud father of one teenage girl and one previously-teenage girl.

About Bill Shribman

Bill is a Senior Executive Producer at WGBH in Boston where he runs the team making digital things for kids. He is also an occasional affiliate at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society. His geekdaddery extends to being the proud father of one teenage girl and one previously-teenage girl.

267 thoughts on “At Least 17 Reasons Why Your Kid May Be Playing Animal Jam

  1. Im 11 and I play animal jam I like this game because theres other people you can use your ideas for stuff I love the chat systm but I hate the scamers I always say “be gold be good dont scam” my user in animal jam is ilovecand animal jam is save and fun and u can learn stuff about thats why i love animal jam so much


      • i love animaljam SOOO much!
        thank you for creating this game!
        im usually realy lonely at home..
        my brother say it a a bad a boring game but what i see in it is amazing!!
        i have so many nice friends there.
        thank you so much~

        • somone plz block or report or ban Mastercookies03 And Flamingo003 they were my worst aj friends and rlly mean they were bullying me that they liked each other im very sad and crying badlt ;(!!!!!!!!

          • I will tell you something, I got suspended from Animal jam because of NOTHING. Like litterally, my mom, she blocked that game website from her computer. She told me that she got an email from AJhq saying that I was using sexual language (even though I wasn’t) I was shocked because I knew that I actually did say some bad words, but guess what? Members there, were bullying me! They called me names and bad words, so instead of crying there doing nothing, I took my revenge and called them bitches. And they probably called the ajhq that I called them bad words! And now, I lost my trust from my Mom!!!! She blocked the website until she erased everything!!!!!!!!!! Its a total stupid dumb game!!!!! It looks as if it is safe BUT, it really isn’t. You get cyberbulled!!!!

    • hi im arcticwolvesrule1155 add me if you can anyway i love animal jam because you always have these challenges like when someone yells if you want a rare headress my den because you have a challenge to get it but i never get any rares and that makes me sad but i also love it because you can have fun with people i have this friend her user is esmithy add her if you can we are trying to become famouse lol but i know you want me to end this soon so all i have to say is im 9 and BYE.

    • Yea, there are some good things and bad things about AJ first of all… kids lie about their age and gender sometimes, and plus they date on AJ. Thats weird! And scamming. SO much scamming. I had a headdress one time and my friend traded me something crappy, and i was clicking the screen alot where the except button was. IT WAS A RARE HEADDRESS. Those were availible in the beta days but now its junk! nobody will trade me one, and im super rare! The only good thing is the having friends.-allanah nichols ( Mollowman )

      • you might want to use an extra acc for this, or a storage with nothing in it, but you can maybe get it from this website: Welcome! P.S. you need to scroll to the very bottom and enter your info for you acc (i suggest a storage of make a new one)

    • I think that Animal Jam is a waste of time it is one of the worst things that has ever been invented I have watched my sister play for hours and waste all of her time playing it. I feel bad for everyone that plays it, it is a game where you only learn hacking, scamming, and cheating.

      • SHUT UP MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF U HATE IT SO MUCH THEN Y DO U GO ON THE BLOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OBVIOUSLY YOU DONT UNDERSTAND Y PEOPLE PLAY IT DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP YOUR CRAP-FILLED COMMENT TO URSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Obviously he read it to read it, as he might be interested in what the blog had to say. And if anything, your the one who clearly had the “crap-filled comment,” as you were the one being rude. Also, we have the freedom of speech, so I suggest you please start accepting others opinions. Plus, I find his comment very true, play the game myself and everytime I go to “Jamaa” I see at least one scammer, ever sense AJ took some items from BETA out f the game, it turned 10 year olds into “pixel stealers” and I don’t find that very good for the children of this generation (they already listen to innapropriate satanic music).


          • bob is not a creep, his expressing his opinion. animal jam needs to get off the internet because it attracts dumb stupid kids to the internet, wich its not a safe place

        • omg cathy and happyguy my username is wolfleaderx plz buddy me we need to talk ALSO BOB SHUT THE FREAK UP AND BTW YOUR SISTER IS AWESOME FOR PLAYING ANIMAL JAM U LOW LIFE PEICE OF TRASH!

      • I enjoy playing animal jam and try to avoid hacking and scamming, but you have your opinion and I have mine.

        • OK my daughter loves this game and i will not tolerate such hate to her favorite game ether i will unsubscribe or you have to stop posting hate about this amazing game!

      • Yes! thank you samy. my username is twilightsparklefairy, buddy me if you are on AJ a lot and want to help me rid Jamaa of scammers!

    • lolz im 10 and I play animal jam my user is….. zebragirl9898! plz plz buddy me (I am a girl ) lolz im random!!!!!!

    • i love animal jam best game ever u ppl are rude do u no they have lots of imformation on that yea it does I an 10 years old and ive been on it since I was 6 if u agree buddy me am racua

    • hay Alittooy here ya so i’m 13 i love animal jam i have been playing for about 7 years now i first heard of aj from my friend Bells she doesn’t play anymore though :( tear. but i have learned that aj is not only a really fun place to have so much collections, animals, pets, and you can create your very own den any way you want you can do so much in this amazing cultural world called Jamaa i play animal jam everyday for about 3 hours which probity is not healthy at all but i just can’t get enough i’m addicted so much wonders including special den items, awesome clothing, amazing adventures, and RARES OK so many people want lots and lots of RARES its so common to see a really RARE person or a BETA person. BETA basically means items that are no longer sold in Jamaa anymore there are some items that come back but those ones are usually sold near a Holiday like its almost February which all of us know what that means yes VALENTINES DAY they sell heart shaped everything and when it goes away remember there is all-was next year to get your RAD items. Now lets talk about EPIC DENS LIST we all want to be featured on the epic dens list well my friend Cwright12345 was on there her den is so EPIC it would blow your mind the best way to be featured is to throw tons of party’s i recommend a PROM or a MORP people love going to those once i had 12 people come to my den for a prom that’s the most i had seance my friend was on epic dens list and people where constantly going through the den porthole into my den i had about 20 people coming to my den then it was so exiting people where sending me jam-a-grams saying “ur den rocks” and “nice den bro” and other nice things like that. I would like to give a shoutout to is my BFF’S CANDYCRUNCH, KKW2005, CWRIGHT12345, SHADOWFANG77, XXAWESOMEWOLFXX0215, MOSSBEACH53, MERMAID505, AND FERNIE8 THANKS :) 😉 LOL XOXO

    • Hi ilovecand im nefret100 (on animaljam) and i am with you i hate the scammers and bullies also my bro says that peoples parents are going to sue animaljam for all the scamming did you know that?

      Let’s Be Buddies!
      I’m serious lets meat up one day online!

    • o i like animal jam but i’m only 8 i can still play and i love aj im a member. iv’e always wanted a rare spike collar can any of u gift or trade a rare spike collor if u do u get a mega rare.!!!!!!! 😀 😉 :} MY USER is chihuahuas1212 thx ppl and buddy me if i have space. . kjqlkjdhiwuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu D

    • i am SSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy leik SSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOO SSSSSUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPERRRRRRRRRRR happpppppppppy that there is AJ because i am a member and ARCTIC WOLVES! but chu know wut id like 1 thing and that is a diamond animal costs 10 diamonds wow cant it be 5 diamonds plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

    • okay so this is REAL i got scammed for my light blue fox hat,read worn and black worn my long rare black collar+wrist and my silver non rare collar and wrist i hope u can send it back to me in about 2 days plz im begging u

  2. I am 10 years old, and I love Animal Jam. I like it mostly because of trying to get rare things like Top Hats and Headresses by trading your rares is fun, except for when some snotty rare people decline a fair trade. I also love it when holidays come around and you buy stuff that won’t come back in stores until a year later. It’s exciting to know you will have betas people want after the holiday is over. The only time I had a bad time on AJ was when my best friend, Alyssa, logged onto my account ( we told each other our passwords, don’t ask me why. Lol.) and stole all my rares that I had gotten over the past 8 months, traded them, and left me with nothing. I was SO mad, so I stole all her stuff. And luckily, she couldn’t play anymore for a long time, so she didn’t catch me doing it. Now I feel bad for doing it so every Rare Item Monday I buy her a rare and send it to her. My User is Thechanceilove and I would love to trade with anybody who wants to! I changed my pass so when she can play again I’ll be safe! Alyssa’s username is AlyssaMichelle and she looks like big bird. LOL.

  3. Aj is great…. 1 of my fave games… want to speak to meh? my username is ponycoco10

    happy playing guys!

  4. i’m 10 and i love animal jam! i love to find and trade rares, i love to talk and make friends i had a bad time on AJ only 1 time a girl said she wanted to try on something of mine (Mech angel wings) and she kept them and a friend of her’s came and she said that thuoghs wing were her’s but i don’t care anymore now i have the rare one now so i hope you have a great time playing! I’m mossmask43 see you later, bye!

  5. I’m 9 and i love animal jam I had a bad time once on aj when Dutshess ( a username on aj)
    scammed my orange headdress, so if you catch me walking around trade me if you have a headress please! my user is Jammer89197 see you later, bye!

  6. I’m 11 and i love animal jam also, i have been playing sense i was 9 in 2011 and now its 2014 and i still love it and im addicted to it. everyone is so nice, except the scammers their just greedy for betas and rares :T but i still play animal jam cause its just so fun 😀 oh and my user is prettyinpink65 😀

  7. I love AJ it is really fun to decorate my den. Right now it looks like a club. My user name is Jayfeather13579

    • I take it you read Warrior Cats if your name is Jayfeather lol.I love the warrior books but I don’t play aj because im afraid when it asks for my parents email,if they will see that I joined when I enter it.i don’t know what to do :( could you help me

  8. it should be all no members
    that would be cool you now i think they should let every budy be like a lion
    or croc or eagle i play but people are jurk faces on it

    • umm not trying to say anything rude and upset u but they don’t make everyone members cause if they did and u didn’t pay they wouldn’t be able to afford the new updates and make aj better. 😀

      P.S I play aj as well my use is mickey11064 plz buddy me if u want :)

      • Not trying to be rude anyway but Nat Geo earns at LEAST 3 billion dollars a year for bestselling informational magazines and Animal Jam works for Nat Geo. so if it were all NON members that would still work out anyway because Animal Jam would ALREADY HAVE enough money for awesome updates and stuff like that.

  9. lol its me again (charlotte). Just cant stop replying its just like so i can!!! ^-^ Any of you guys like the sims 3?? I do( i also LOVE aj!!) theres this toltally awesome lets play on it with all the expanshion packs.
    -Late Night her name uis lifesimmer and shes an AWESOME lper
    -Season’s (shout out ‘t’ u!) just cheeck her out!
    -super natural
    -cast away
    -university life
    -sims 2
    -sims 1
    – walking dead
    -ext ext

  10. Hi it’s me, Brooke again!! I just want to say something I hate about animal jam. 16 or 14 or whatever kids that age go on animal jam and ask little kids like 6 year olds to go out on a date, and then they act REALLY innapropriately like the girl lays down and the boy jumps on top of her???!! That is teaching little kids to be really innapropriate at SCHOOL and they get in HUGE trouble for teaching OTHER kids to be like that, and soon enough, every little kid that hears from it from a little kid that plays animal jam or plays animal jam and dates will act like that and it’s all because some stupid kid in 2011 started it. This is a CHILDREN’S game, NOT an ONLINE DATING site!!! Do ya hear me people??

  11. I am 10 years old. I have a serous addiction with animal jam. I have been playing animal jam ever since the beta stage, and i still love it. Even though i have been hacked, scammed, and cheated I have never ever done any of those mean things to others. I would never quit animal jam without a doubt!

  12. Aj is awesome!!!!!!!:-) only blame scammers, hackers, and inappropriate ppl!!!!
    I like to trade and do adventures. I dont care about my membership really. ¦{D
    I am not a person thats like i will trade u a plushie for a beta . Lol :3 anywho my user is dogcake99999:-) and icepelt 😀

  13. I love animal jam it is very safe and you can play at any age.if you whant to buddy me my name is emily7174.I love to trade to I am a member so I have lots of stuff.I am not triying to brag so sorry if you think I’m bragging.I can teach you funny glitches and wherd places

    • Any age is aslo a problem. People at age, like, that are much older than most of players on AJ, like 19 or 16, will come up to ask a 6-year old to date, later, a little 6-year old was told to be naked and sleep and 19-year old jumping on them D: Be safe and stay out of dates!

  14. I am 11 years old. I have been playing animal jam ever since it came out 4 or 5 years.i am a huge fan of animal jam i try to play every day for at least 10 minutes. yes thats how much i love it i would give AJ a
    4 and a haf i love you AJ! and i you want to buddy my user name is breenbear no upercases

    • my user name is cutiepiewol no uppercases either buddy me and i will buddy u

  15. I love Animal Jam! It is a fun and educational online game. So we can have a great time learning and playing! I love the rares that are available every Monday, and the items you get when doing adventures. One thing that Jammers worry about, are the scammers. I have gotten scammed once, and now I do not listen when a person says to “send me the rare, and I will give you the bow”. The jammer that scammed me was ginimaria, and getting scammed for the first time ever, is the WORST feeling. Other than that, Animal Jam is the safest, funnest, learning game!

  16. Animal jam is pretty fun the only thing I don’t really like about it are the scammers I know my friends got scammed also I think that members get a lot of stuff and non members don’t yet much stuff but I still love animal jam :)

  17. Hi, I’m Justicecrew75148 and I’m a member and I just love how you can play adventure, ban people if scam or bully you, customize your animal, costomize your den and make friends, I am 8 and I got all my friends to play Animal Jam and then I got my whole school to play


    • i’m lilhannah07 and im a member and i like to go to parties with my animal jam friends one of my firend i know if real life is airhogs23 shes is super nice she gave me a blue spike

  18. Oh also I got banned from the computer untill Wednesday i’m that aditted to Animal Jam also have another acount:miniongirl70318. It is a non member acount and it has my sorta good stuff on it. So if I want it the stuff on thzt acount all I do is jam a gram it in a jam a gram to my other acount: Justicecrew75148 so yeah :T

  19. I am 9 And i really love playing Animal Jam IT IS THE FUNNEST GAME EVER
    The only thing i don”t like About Animal Jam is Scammers And Hackers They give me the creeps sometimes But its okay cause its a Game and you might get your stuff back
    one day. Bye Guys and including AJHQ
    USER: Summy

  20. I love AJ! I’m 9 and I love collecting items when rare monday or hoilday rolls around. We’re having gabage sale next Saturday. I hope to spend my garbage sale money on eagles! Esicpally i loved animals since i was 6. I have a bunny on animal jam and wolf, which are my favorite animals. And, i like Moonshine on new video, I love watching videos finding out about animals. I played for like, almost 2 years. I love adventures, I like playing new adventures. 😀

  21. I love animal jam so much.:3 I had a lots of buddy and if you want to be my buddy my user is Shakira01133 so be my buddy plz.I don’t like AJ because the member you can’t by clothing,animals or mini animals for your animal or thinks for your den!!! Love Shakira01133

  22. I love animal jam but the only thing I hait is my headdress got scammed but I still love animal jam so yeah love it :)

    • Yeah my headdress got hacked so all of my rares are gone :( I still love aj though but I wish I still had my headdress

  23. this is the same person who got scammed with the headdress if u want to buddy me my username is ajbdayt :)

  24. I’m 12 and I love Animal Jam!
    Animal Jam is a beautiful game that encourages children of all ages to interact in a virtual playground and social media-like game. Instead of it being a time consumer that is only useful for playing and being entertained by, you can learn and be whoever you want to be, without having to worry about anything. I am so glad that SO many Jammers have dedicated themselves to creating blogs, to writing stories, to discovering, to learning, to everything, to Animal Jam. I also think that the trade system and the “rare system” that AJ contains is very fun, but the fact of hacking is stupid. So many people are getting hacked because that hacker wants a bunch of pixels that happen to be worth quite a bit. I wish people would respect other players, big or small, rhino or arctic wolf, 2 year old to 17 year old, and think about others feelings. But by hacking they are not just breaking AJ rules, they are breaking the law, and are disrespecting Nat Geo and Smart Bomb. Scammers are just liers, generally. But really, there are no good or bad Jammers, just misunderstood and greedy Jammers. I think that we should all ignore the fun game of trading, and move on and enjoy Animal Jam.
    I also think that Animal Jam is the perfect way to interact socially without giving any personal info away. One Jammer told me that there was a huge storm going on where they were, and I found out where they were talking about. I learned that the area consisted of my cousin’s house, and I made sure they were all right. No damage, just a fallen tree. I never learned where the Jammer lived or found out anything about them. This story was a really useful thing because it enabled me to learn more about what was going on in the world.
    I am SO glad that Animal Jam exists, and that I have a place to go to that is online. Thank you National Geographic and Smart Bomb Interactive!
    -FreedomKitty :)

  25. Animaljam is great, i have been playing for at least 5 years, im an AJ FREAK. I go on mine every day, yes i am beta. i could be greedy but that’s not my fault. My name is minecraftmitus. Everyone should love animal jam. And jammers don’t blame the hacking or scamming to just anyone you see saying ” I never accept” or ” flash me”, you should actually get to know them. Animaljam is a great website for tweens and under to play on. If you get to know New jammers, some are extraordinary. And members, don’t make fun of non-members because they can’t get an eagle or something. You would actually be making fun of yourself. Anyone who read this, be glad you did. 😀

  26. Hello i am 9 am i love ANIMAL JAM it truly is the best game ever well to me and it is the best you can win prizes and buy rare stuff but of course you have to be a member to buy rare things i am a member and if you want to play on my account leave a reply and your email and i will email it to you oh and if you wanna buddy me i am k541 so C’ya

    • hey guys not to brag but i have alot of rares so if u wanna trade me or something and im getting membership tomorrow i think and tomorrow is my b day! june 5 and my user is Speedycheetahs buddy me and we can have a trade party lolz im gonna tell u a story so my friend tells me his account. and im like wow then blah blah blah XD then he says i can have his locket so i get that and blah blah blah and then hes like yay or something and he gets gifts while im playing which is another locket so basically blah blah blah XD so then i trade that because it a gift while i was playing then i actually meet him the next day and i say hi and he says hello and then he says he has to go and i say me too so we log off. the end and btw me and that person are bffs in real life :) he is awesome his user is cjritzel4 and mine is Speedycheetahs:) i got scammed once. so this bunny was walking and i said something and she said trade me ur bow and i give u a fox hat so i trusted her then i traded that and she put the hat on trade and then i traded and she declined and then i said i thought u said trade me anything and she started crying and saying i thought we had a deal so i just reported her :l cuz she scammed my purple bow but i dont need it back anyway cuz i got it back and its not rasberry but its purple XD bye i commented ALOT xd bye :)

  27. yp im 11 so yeah like i love aj um people are realy weird on there some time but good game good game STOP THE DIAMONDS GOSH or make them cheaper

  28. I’m 12, I love aj! My mom pays for membership only because its pretty cheap and because my little bro get the ipad mostly to himself. I personally hate the no personal info rule. I understand the law but its a chance I take. anyway user: blossom22850
    jam a gram me if wanna chat XD.

    • Yo I am meaning this as no offense but u are a gal wan ago out (maybe) btw I’m a gal don’t judge me I’m white ginger hair brown eyes aj user charizardmaster

  29. BTW im going to defend my guy! YES i date on aj. but it doesn’t get rlly bad. I just have a “guy” and we r very happy. he is 16…… yes i know im only 12. but we love eachother heres something he wrote about ME read it!:

    Arctic Wolf: you are the only one who understand me
    Gorgeous Prettywolf: well thx, and im always here if u need me
    Arctic Wolf: same here
    Arctic Wolf: brb real quic i wrote something
    Gorgeous Prettywolf: ok
    Arctic Wolf: idk
    Arctic Wolf: its something tho ik ur honest
    Arctic Wolf: so tell me how this is
    Gorgeous Prettywolf: kk
    Arctic Wolf: :sitNW:
    Arctic Wolf: you are t beat to my heart
    Gorgeous Prettywolf: :sitSW:
    Arctic Wolf: the ligth to my darkest days
    Arctic Wolf: and your smie lights up the wrold and leaves me speachless
    Arctic Wolf: everytime i stare into ur eyes its like looking
    Arctic Wolf: at the deep blue ocean glisseming off the morining sun
    Arctic Wolf: ineed u in my life with out u my heart will neverlove aging
    Arctic Wolf: ne far snow sleeet rain my heart will find u
    Arctic Wolf: and be free of pain
    Arctic Wolf: bc my heart knowsthat your
    Arctic Wolf: loveing tender arms will free it frome
    Arctic Wolf: its shackles and chains free my heart frome its cage
    Arctic Wolf: and teach it to love aging
    Arctic Wolf: how was that
    Gorgeous Prettywolf: aww, it was rlly sweet, lol now hold down writing it down
    Arctic Wolf: im still working on it but it made me think of u
    Gorgeous Prettywolf: well thats very sweet of u

    email is

    • He isn’t 16, he’s probably 10 because of his grammatical and spelling mistakes. Also, you don’t know him in real life and your “boyfriend” could be a female and/or 50 years old. It isn’t real love, you only know him by his face and actions on animal jam, not in real life. Also, your too young to date in real life and AJ so I suggest you stop, please, for your own good.

  30. Don’t let the article and the sweet comments fool you. Read MY comment to know all the REAL information on this addicting game.

    I’m 11 years old and I love animal jam. Too much. I’m addicted. Let me just say, if you’re a person who plays animal jam a lot, you’re probably a “cool member”. And cool members RARELY EVER actually “learn” anything.
    The only time I actually watch those stupid videos is when I’m in a date with someone to the movies. I don’t even watch the videos. I watch YouTube on my ipad or talk.

    I’m addicted to a virtual world. Now I’m socially awkward and avoid social interaction.
    I’m also late for many things because of this because I don’t want to log off.
    I stay up to 2 in the morning on weekends (if my dad isn’t home, he doesn’t let me play. My mom does) and 11 on schooldays.

    I play for at least 8 hours a day (if my dad’s at work).

    Also, it’s still possible to say bad words and do inappropriate things. If you have free chat. And you get warnings when you say a bad word. They’re SO annoying because sometimes it’s not even a bad word.

    I also date people on this game. Even though I’m a girl, I play as a boy and a girl.
    I have two arctic wolves and I tell people that two people share the same account (it’s really just me). So I can date girls and boys (I’m not lesbian!!! It’s just fun).

    The things I DO learn is:
    Typing- I’m SO FREAKING good at typing!! I can type fast with my eyes closed.
    Things about my personality- since i play as a girl and a boy, I learn things.
    I notice that I act like a completely different person when I’m a boy then a girl.
    I also notice that people tend to like my boy personality better. ( I want to be a psychologist)

    Well that’s my summary.

  31. This game has 2 sides to it. One, for the younger children, is the better side. They talk, play together, enjoy the mini games, adventures, videos and other facts within the games. The other side is the “cool kid side” which i belong to as well. (Not too proud about that) Friends matter less, mini games and videos are forgotten, adventures are only played for items. Scamming and hacking are common, and trading is the main interest. Servers (Aldan mostly, which is the main trading server) are so packed every single room is full. In the second side of the game, “rares” (items that aren’t in stores) define you, and the more you have, the cooler you are.

  32. Oh!! Okay.
    My thoughts on animal jam. I think it’s good and bad. The reason why is because everyone is separated. Members on this side non members that side, wolves that side other animals this side. It’s like the past all over again. Like black and whites segregation. It’s really annoying, because people with membership are always making fun of non members (not every membership person) mostly eagles, but I’m here thinking, WTH! YOU WERE A MEMBER BEFORE! WHY ARE YOU MAKING FUN OF US!? And some times nonmembers have better things than the members, some are even better at trading fair.

    That was the bad part I think…

    But anyways animal jam in a good way is awesome because you get to earn things and have fun and learn new things about animals and certain places and play with friends and meet new people!

    My user is Eatyourkimchi
    :3 byeee

  33. I am addicted to animal jam I need help someone reply me some tips I need serious help I play it EVERYDAY like every single day I just don’t wanna miss something I am 8 when I turn 9 I will not be addicted anymore but I wanna stop being addicted when im 8 also I just want rares and find some looks and betas to trade and go to adventures all day long help me help me help me…. :(((((( HELPPPP give me tips plz!!! User ~ goldenkitty2005

      • It’s very unhealthy to be addicted to something at a very young age, I suggest you refrain yourself from playing the computer for 1 hour, maybe even read a book for that long, go play outside.

    • Hey, i know how u feel dude i play Animal jam every day of the week and i play it all day! Its an addicting game i know. Just limit ur time to like 2 hours like i did and play outside with ur friends or play with stuffed animals. JUST DO SOMETHING THAT DOES NOT HAVE TO DO WITH ANIMAL JAM. So i hope u will be ok!

      ~ Voiceplay

  34. Hi i’m 12 year old and i love playing animal jam because i can give gem to animal that need help :))))

    i give them like 5,000 gem a day

  35. Don’t let your kids play ANIMAL JAM its stressful for me I have went threw pain and stress with this game. Someone changed my password and for no reason and also animal jam took my money by the way I get bullied on it and animal jam doesn’t even help so my advice don’t play

  36. Animal jam is a fun website where you can learn a lot. The only problem is scammers, and they can be taken care of if you: #1: report and block them or ignore them! Then you can enjoy the game and Jam on!

    • I scammed someone I am kittens rock1000 and amythyst 1000 and weeping angels1000 u get heaps of rares by doing this it is fun

  37. Also, Rares don’t matter! It’s nice to get them, but don’t be bribed or scammed for them! Animal jam is for fun, not stealing!

  38. If AJHQ thinks your doing something bad, (like scamming, inappropriate language, personal info) you get a report in the screen saying remember the rules. If you get enough of these you will be suspended, the length of the suspension lasting different amount of Time depending on what you did. (By the way, I’m 11)

  39. There are so many scammers in this game i got scammed of my rare headdress and party hat and i got hacked too!

  40. AJ is the BEST game for kids im only 9 so i know what im talking about. im a member so for those people out there that have aj my user is lloveaj434 no caps

  41. hello i am yubbie2468, I am 10 and i am so adicted to animal jam that i am only allowd to play the computer on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (yeah im that adicted)!!!!!

    I started playing in 2012 when i naws 8 and now i am 10 animal jam is such an amazing game… But there are some bad things about the game. (Bellow)

    animal jam is a very educational learning game and the only concerns in the game is: Lying, Scamming, Cheating, Innapropriate Language, Rude ignorant people and Sexual Refrences (Ok so some are bad but people are like that but only 8.5%!! So if you dont wish your child to experience things like that then consider Club Penguin but animal jam is still so much better)!!!

    Add me if you wish :) 😀 remember my username is yubbie2468 or 07734hello (no caps and no saces for both of them)!!

    Thank you for you’r time Kind regards,

    Yubbie2468 or 07734hello (Amelia Pysciota)! :) 😀 😛 :U :3 c: XD 😀

  42. Hello Animal jam! i am gosiminoles, i think i got hacked because my stuff was gone 2 months ago or may be it was a glitch, but my friends sent all good stuff and i was SO happy :) they are the best friends i could ever have! And dont forget BE A JAMMER NOT A SCAMMER!

  43. If you dont believe me thats ok, i just wanted to tell you guys what happened and why my buddies are such great friends! i dont like my friend because their rares! i like them because they are kind. and i also got one rare spike LONG wristband in the eagle adventure!!!!!!! i was so happy i could cry! Me and my grandma like to talk about animal jam sometimes, : i dont like it when people do trolls and stuff : its CRAZY! i just wish they would stop and think about it.

  44. Hi guys! Do u guys want to now what I always say to people who dis on Aj? I say Haters be Hate in. I play Aj all the time and I love it!! Oh and bye the way my User on AJ is Adrien5 send me a buddy request if u want I am a non-member and I am really nice and never ever ever ever scam anybody. Thank u guys so much and hope u buddy me. :)

  45. I got scammed of my orange and white headddress, spike, rare bow and arrow and rare shark fin at a so called “trust” party by youkids12 and she is known for spamming i looked it up but i didnt know. so i trusted her because she kept deing good trades and i did too becuase i dont spam but she was just earning my trust and waiting for a good one DX so she accpeted and blocked me once she got it and i cried for days and never got it back…. please block the animal jam user : youkids12 and buddy me im (MIghtyarcticwolfie) :C Thank You.

  46. To get stuff back press the: Contact us button on the bottom of the page you put your user and pass and tell them what the problem is, i got my rare spike back.

  47. I got scammed my black long and I only have a green long and now I’m like cryign saying this my orange long just got scammed please send me any color spike I’m litterly crying I’m mak81615 please buddy me if you can. Bye!

    PPS IM 11

  49. My name is Jaden Moore. I play Animal Jam even though I might be a bit too old. (i’m 12)
    If you want to buddy me my username is Spottedleaf529. I share my account with my sister 😀

    • Is your sisters name Josie more and does she go to 4th grade and is in mrs Meeks class and does she live in Harrison ville mo and does she live on a farm and her fave animal is a cheetah ? Cuz I have a BFF and her name is Josie Moore and she plays aj and she has a big sis i think and a few brothers i think too

  50. and yesh I have played 4.. 2 and a half years I tink 😀 awesomeness and Jaden m. u posted right be for meh bday lol

  51. The reality is that no kids website with a social element is safe from predators who pretend to be other kids. Adults should be responsible for looking out for their kids and teaching them how to deal with inappropriate approaches from complete strangers on this type of site. Parents wouldn’t let their kids loose in Disneyland at age 7 by themselves, but seem to think that it is safe to let them on to this type of site by themselves. There is no difference.

  52. I used to love animal jam now i hate it my account got hacked i played it to get rares but now its all ruined my user is zackee12

    • Im sorry about u getting hacked this is audry aka bubblebunny8797 but I will give you my red worn or light orange rare fox hat on one condision okay ? That is if you play aj okay and it don’t matter if your rare or have tons of bettas it just matters if you have fun be fair and learn so bye for now and remember be a jammer not a scammer!

  53. Im 9 and I play animaljam its my favorite game but there are like 73 year olds that play i mean if your 20 or over and you play aj there is one thing I have to say get a life dude beacause people keep on scamming jammers hacking jammers and mating and dating sick am I right ? So I would like if ajhq would like get a thing were it blocks all the old people beacause im here to learn and have fun not to be scammed or hacked or defiantly not to walk into a den and see pervs mating

  54. I’m 11 and I have been playing animal jam for a few years. There are scammers mostly on Aldan (one of the servers), but they are probably on other servers as well. Ever since some of the previously released adventures, people have lost sight in what AJ is really all about. It used to be about friendship, not scamming for rares and such. I miss the old days in AJ when people weren’t scamming and hacking like they are today. It’s just sad knowing that there are sick and crazy people on the site too. I mean, come on, there are toddlers that play this game too! People are freaking out over “rares” which are really just pixels. I hate to admit that I play on the website for a long time some days, but I don’t use those hours to scam younger players, hack the site, or any of that rotten stuff. I play the site to see what will happen and if it has improved at all. Keep in mind that there are little kids that play this, and they usually learn from us, but if you don’t care about it at all, then you really shouldn’t be on the site whatsoever. I am sorry if my comment is long, but I am trying to be rational about the site itself. Little kids need people to set examples for them, and they most certainly don’t need scammers or hackers teaching them bad things. Nobody has to agree with me, but it would be nice if you would think about what I have said. Don’t set bad examples for little kids, it isn’t right.

  55. I heard animal jam was closing down in 2016……..please don’t close down I love your game and I want to play it a lot so don’t close down or my life will be in minecraft a game were there’s all blocks

    • Your going to smash AJHQs faces in? Geez, you don’t have to be so harsh. We get the point that
      you don’t want it to close down but, don’t gotta do that man, geez. Besides, 2016 is a loooong way away
      so they’ll have enough time to think about closing it down or not, and by your comment I don’t think
      they’re going to close it down. O_o

  56. ********Warning:***********
    Animal jam is really addictive and should not be played by children under the age of 10. As their concentration levels fall, and their behaviour is unmanageable that obsess about nothing else – as they crave the next reward Animal Jam has to offer then for the subscription paid by there parents. Avoid introducing to younger children minds.*********

  57. I love animal jam I just don’t like scammers or hackers someone scammed my purple worn! :( my user is wolf02800 add me if you are on aj a lot! :)

  58. Hi im Star and im 11i love animaljam so much to do i love to trade and make friends i even want a hat that says aj on it im so crazy about animaljam and my user is bunny43656 u will see me on alot. haters of animaljam i totaly understand and its not completely safe
    there are some ppl that are very discusting on it and ppl we all know its life but its a kids game and u guys are ruining it that goes for every scammer hacker ect so yeah i rlly like to meet ppl but some creep me out by asking tons of prsonal questions even my buddies sometimes but hey its a great game and if ur gonna like ruin it then i feel bad for u ppl and non members to they get nothing am i the only member who cares!?anyway i live aj but sometimes i hate is bye!

  59. I love animal jam, its so fun. Yo, my user name is SoulCollector555, search and buddy me if u want to be friends. Just want to put that out there. One of the main reasons i play is because it has the most adorable animals, plus i enjoy chatting with others, trading and roleplaying. I’m a major roleplayer. That game has so much to do though i do agree on it not being totally safe. Ppl ask me for my password and stuff like that, way creepy. I’m on animal jam most of the day, every other day. Loves it. Haters can hate if they want.

  60. well i had a headdress and yaqui, shes a jammer, SUPPER RARE! and i traded her my headdress for something and she took that item off list, so i traded for another thing witch it was blank and i didn’t see what it said only the item that was on before. and i traded me rare headdress for it and she accepted and left to her den. i told my friends and they said, well if u get scammed you spam, scam u spam. and it actually worked. and then she got my rare bows for it three of them black one white. i was like GOSH MAN! she left i tried to get them back. but my friends where like, i guess that was a pretty bad fail. and i said “i didn’t fail, i succeeded in a different way”. so hopefully you guys dont spam random people and stuff. i don’t believe if scammed u spam at all. just know that everyone succeeds, just in a different way. :)

  61. lolz i have been reading all the comments and i say im quity8 wanting to quit becauz everything is blamed on me everytime i go somewhere :'( and im also sad cause ppl hate me so ya i have never scammed and all you bullies out there let me tell you something i learned from god: no matter how long you try and bring me down me and everyone else will not fall… we are All loved by someone and that someone is god if nobody else does.
    thx alot for some support i get hardly any but still.

  62. Animal jam is a game that has turned my sister into an unsocial turd who would rather play Animal Jam than go out with our dad, go to an amusement park, go to the park and do any social activity.
    This game just annoys me, the music is repetitive, boring and stupid.
    The animals look ugly (especially the wolf and the monkey)
    The people on there are children who do stuff like give away their password and parents email.
    The site is a place for pedophiles to track down kids and trick them into giving them their personal info.

    This website is bad, if you’re a parent don’t let your child play this.

    • Its not made to be bad and not safe! Its made to be fun and safe! It’s not ajhq’s fault that grown ups go on aj and try to trick kids into telling them info also if they have free chat bubble chat or restricted chat they are still almost perfectly safe with free chat it can still block your message like if you say “MY email address” it will block it cuz of this part “email address” so and with restricted chat you can’t say to much info you can say “I have a dog named buddy” and thats ok but if you say “I hate black people or i hate white people” i think it would be blocked i never tried because I’m don’t hate people for their color so anyways if you have bubble chat you can’t say ANYTHING will you can’t say much at all so ya its pretty hard to NOT be safe with animal jam.

  63. I’m 11 and I play animal jam. And I totally agree with Natasha! Like animal jam is a great game. It’s super fun, entertaining and yeah. But there’s a bunch of crap like scamming, hacking, personal info give out etc etc… Animal jam has become to much scamming ( my opinion ) I love animal jam and I’m seriously terribly addicted and I never want to get off so I hope animal jam never gets deleted. But animal jam needs to monitor a little better. Like Natasha said: “Cool” members never learn! And tbh it’s true… :\ like I never watch those videos ( except that gecko one xD ) what animal jam is really about now is getting good stuff. That’s why people scam. And animal jam needs mods like they can be on animal jam too can’t they? Anyway this is my opinion and yeah my username is bunny668mh maybe send me a gift or a Buddy request? Plz? Thanks! ~ Bunny668mh

  64. i love animaljam so much thats all i play all day long but on warm sunny days i go outside and plz ppl dont be mean and rude be nice plz

  65. i like animal so much that i became a member but now when i try to log in it says that my password is wrong when i know that it is right

  66. Im 9 and i love AJ but i keep getting cammed plz report Iamthekingofbetas :( he scammed my spike collar ; ( AJ is really messed up sometimes :/ my user is punkn list full BAI lol

  67. no…….i got scammed this fox.scammed. me so this is how it happen i said i will trade u your blue spiked color for my yellow rare spiked color. so he told me he can,t trade then he said i will gift my blue rare color if u gift me your yellow rare spiked i was stupid and gift him it and he lock me out of his den and block user/name is arnj0214 pleas gift me i got nothing…….

  68. user:coolboy98467
    this accent got,s 22 or more rare and non rare spikes colors watch my video it is about how to get rare or non rare spiked colors its a web site

  69. i like animal jam but sometimes it gets boring i like moviestarplanet much more animal jam is fun just not like fantastic if you know what i mean but that is my opinion sooo im not a freak for saying its kinda boring again its my opinion not yours

  70. Dear AJ:

    Ok so i got suspended for ” inappropriate behavior ” because of my brother (real life not on AJ) and i got suspended on Feb. 25, 2015. It has been 4 days since my member account has been suspended. And to make it worse, it got suspended on my B-day. All i want to know is when i will be able to play again.
    ~Yours truly

  71. hey does anyone know how much it hurts to get your tounge peirced coz im getting mine done soon and i wanna know
    btw i think animal jam is quite swaggy

  72. Im 14 though, i love animal jam i’ve been playing the game since i was like idk 9 or 11. Why i started to play was because i went through some drama in my family and it just calms me. UH the game is pretty fun i have many close friends like Bluerose454, Lostmyaj, and Ect. Buddy me me my username is , Aparesky821!

  73. i always wonder how to get a headdress this might make your website better friend me i’m: kenzieb000.
    P.S: i’m always on.

    • OK ppl am 8 and I play a AND my BFF Maddie Gets scale all day ppl some of u ppl Are RUDE and maddle is in my class BTW am dogsrock2006 Plz buddy Meh

  74. i am 12 and i play animal jam bc you meet new ppl and you lean many things about animals. Animal jam is a secure sight and i have never been hacked (thankfully) i am trying to become a member bc i cant get anything good as a non member. If ppl scam then you are worthless and desperate and you are a thief bc you are taking other ppls stuff. my username is cutegirlbree add meh!!!!!!

  75. i play because it keeps my information safe i can have a fun and i can keep in touch with my far away friends!


  77. Parents be warned, this is a stupid idea for kids, especially under 11s. Our 6 year old was playing it for a while, then we noticed she was getting quite addicted to it,, when monitoring some of the conversations, I was greatly disturbed, even if some words are blocked, things can be said in various ways,,,to get through. we made the mistake of letting her use it, don’t make the same mistake, older kids are taking advantage of the younger ones, even more sinister, is who else would be attracted, to a place where lots of young kids hangout, on-line or offline, you know the answer,, how can you be sure who your 6 year old is talking too? and who can honestly monitor it 100% properly, the only way to stay safe is to stay off…..We have contacted animal jam with full details, this site is not right for younger kids…..

  78. Hi everyone, just wanted to say, i COMPLETELY agree with some of you. Animaljam can be wrong in lots of ways with the Sexual stuff, like when a boy does…. yeah whatever XD. Im not trying to be harsh when i say this but:
    Thats all i wanted to say except that i loveeee Animal jam to death my grandma says i play to much of it but i cant stand being without it, i like reading Warriors also im actually a kit and warrior.
    Kit: Dawnkit
    Warrior: Dawnleaf
    Btw want to tell this story: One time i got scammed by a gumball barrel for my rare worn, rare spike, rare foot-things and lots of other rares, i was SO upset that id dint play aj for a month but then i realize di couldnt live without it and i thank my friend, aeg0905 for introducing me to aj, i wouldnt have had a life without it!!! (Ok, XD jk on that but srsly love aj) and (XD i realized, my initals are also aj lol)
    And if yall wanna friend me, im a member and i have free chat, my user is Luna5567 bye!

  79. I used to LOVE Animal Jam, now it’s a playground for hackers, scammers, and older kids to behave inappropriately in front of younger kids. I am Minecraftmitus and I have gotten hacked by Fman122 before and I cried uncontrollably. Was that my fault? No, it was Animal Jam’s, they don’t have a secure password. Now it’s 2015 and it’s the replay of the “Dark Ages”, Mighty Squad, the new group of hackers. They have amazing British accents though <3, anyways, hacked WIsteriamoon, Julian2AJ, Slushy and alot of other famous AJ Youtubers. Animal Jam needs to secure their website or else they will being getting TONS of emails and skype calls. The staff doesn't have time for this! It's ridiculous! I have learned to get used to the hackers coming now and then. March 26th, 2016, they are going to be uploading pictures of the guy/girls human body into Jamaa. Have fun playing until next time!

    • No matter how secure Animal Jam is, hackers will still be able to get into it. I mean, I’m not saying it’s not a good idea to put more security because putting more security will make Animal Jam harder to hack into but still, it’s going to get hacked anyway.

  80. I’m going to give my honest experience on Animal Jam as a kid. When I first started going on Animal Jam often, I became very addicted to it. That also led me to having addiction to items, being popular, staying up past my bedtime to play, and a bit of a decrease in grammar/spelling/attitude. I also got distressed often because of scamming, “betrayals” while in adoption, and being in a conversation in which the other person made me feel bad. Often times, I saw players attempting to do this “boy and girl” thing, and sometimes, I even thought of doing it myself. The thing is, I did not even realize that those were having a bad effect and influence on me.

    CONCLUSION: Animal Jam was rather not very educational, as it got me hooked into items more than educational resources. It also had some bad effects on me, such as being influenced in poor spelling/grammar/attitude while interacting online, not getting enough sleep, and rejecting other important activities for Animal Jam. While on Animal Jam, I had a bad enough experience by being tricked, being engaged in a hurtful conversation, and being influenced at times with this “boy and girl” thing. However, it did help me with my interacting skills, as I was always extremely shy in school and didn’t talk with other people so frequently, but it did get me to talk with other people a bit more frequently. I would not recommend this for kids, especially younger kids, because they can have a worser experience, influence and effect compared to mine.

    • I would also like to say that other people are experiencing this too. On this page, I have seen many comments in which the author claims that they have gotten scammed. In fact, I have so far seen no replies on sharing educational experiences and I could probably say that the majority of the people that have commented here and play Animal Jam talk about their items. There are, too, positive sides to Animal Jam that it can have on children. It did improve my typing skills and I ended up typing faster and with more accuracy than I did before. Any vulgar or offensive language will be censored, which can also be taken to the point of a ban and lastly, children can actually enjoy themselves on it. On Animal Jam, I mostly enjoyed collecting items and I thought it was fun.