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Oscilloscope Basics and Tektronix Giveaway Reminder

Tektronix TBS1202B Oscilloscope

As I mentioned in my post last week, announcing our giveaway of a Tektronix TBS1202B oscilloscope, an oscilloscope can be one of the most powerful tools on a electronics work bench. I thought I would take some time to explain how a scope can be useful, and highlight some of the features of the TBS1202B. Continue reading

A Tale of Two Handbooks — 1978 AD&D and 2014 D&D

Players Handbook

Here’s the deal — there are no middle versions of D&D for me. With the exception of a few rare games played over the last 10-20 years, I really stopped playing AD&D consistently in the mid-80s. I only have the D&D Basic Set and AD&D as a comparison with the newest 5e. You’ll get no 2e, 3e, or 4e commentary or debates from me — I wouldn’t be able to contribute anything. In a sense, any feedback I provide here on the new D&D rules should be treated the same as if it were coming from a new player (but a player with experience with RPGs). While I feel it’s a bit unfair to pit the 1978 AD&D Players Handbook against 2014 D&D Player’s Handbook, the reality is it’s not really a battle. AD&D was a product of its time, and it was outstandingly fun. AD&D had its problems (some of which I’ve shared above), but we still played it. A lot. With grins on our faces. Continue reading

Come at Me, Mega Slowbro!


Though already the talk of the internet for much of the last week, yesterday Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda officially revealed to attendees of the 2014 Pokémon World Championships (and, y’know, the world) the power and glory of Mega Slowbro. Continue reading

Be a Presentation Expert With MacSparky’s Newest Field Guide

Presentations Cover

I’m a big fan of the website and its Mac Power Users podcast. David Sparks has been one of my go-to experts for years on a variety of topics — email, workplace efficiency, and my favorite… going paperless. He and Katie Floyd put on my favorite podcast (up to 208 episodes and counting!) and I can honestly say I never finish a podcast without learning a new skill, trick, tip, or piece of software that will make either my personal or work life better. (And more often than not, both.) Continue reading

Hey DMs! Two New 5th Edition Adventures!

Two Adventures

The D&D Starter Set has been out now for about a month, and maybe you’re one of those DMs who has already run and finished parts (or all) of the Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure with your players who are now playing at level 2 or 3 (or higher). Or maybe you haven’t run it yet and are looking for something a little shorter… something that your Level 1 players can handle and won’t take multiple sessions to complete. If so, you’re in luck… because Goodman Games will be releasing two new adventures for the new 5th edition of D&D. Continue reading