Food processor Metamorphosis Alpha 2015 Cover spirited away

BattleBots Week 3 Recap – Ice, Stingers, and Flying Art Installations


BattleBots is back for their third episode with the round of 16 and GeekDad will be doing weekly breakdowns of the competition. This week, we have Anton Olsen and Kishore Hari doing breakdowns of the best bouts. Spoilers galore, so beware if you did not watch. Continue reading

A New Type of Tabletop Gaming: ePawn Arena

ePawn Arena

I love the mash-up of digital and analog, particularly when it comes to games. It hasn’t always been done well, but I love to see the ways that people are experimenting to combine the fun of playing board games with the powerful capabilities of smartphones and tablets. The latest device to come across my radar is the ePawn Arena. Continue reading

Table for One Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: ‘Dark Dealings’


If you like deck building, bidding, dungeon building, and competitive strategy game elements like I do, then you’ll love ‘Dark Dealings.’ The game combines all of these mechanics with fun, beautiful artwork as you take on the role of an evil overlord trying to defend your home from the heroes of the realm. Continue reading

Add a Little Mystery to Your Summer

Sherlock Holmes

The twins and I usually set a theme for our summer. This year, we’re having a summer of mystery. We’ve dusted off my dad’s old copies of Sherlock Holmes, downloaded a few podcasts, and found some games to play on the app store. Want to join along? Continue reading

Table for One: 2015 Solitaire Print and Play Contest and Interview with Chris Hansen

Solitaire Print and Play Contest

Time constraints, especially with children, and difficulty getting a gaming group together has made the popularity of solo tabletop gaming soar in recent years. Not to mention there are plenty of us who just like some alone time but still want to game. I recently interviewed Chris Hansen, the creator and moderator of the Solitaire Print and Play Contest on BoardGameGeek. Continue reading

Stack Overflow: Certain Doom

Stack Overflow - doom

“Game over, man! Game over!” There are a lot of moments in stories where doom seems all but certain, and the characters are sure that the end is imminent. In some cases, they’re right (see Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) but at other times it’s simply an opportunity for an against-all-odds survival story. So, on that note, here are a bunch of stories about certain doom. Just be glad it’s not you. Continue reading

The Ultimate Geeky iOS Weather Apps

Source: CARROT Press Kit

If you read this blog then you already lean towards the geeky side of life. Not only am I am geek, but I’m a weather nut as well. Even if you aren’t a weather nut like I am, I guarantee you will love playing around with these three totally geeky weather apps! Warning, these apps are all iOS only. Continue reading

The LEGO Ferrari F40 Is Here — Commence Drooling


Available in August as part of the Creator line, the F40 was designed to celebrate Ferrari’s 40th anniversary and was the last car to be personally approved by Enzo Ferrari. It’s safe to say the LEGO version is both more affordable and easier to obtain. It might be smaller than the real thing, but it’s still beautiful. Continue reading

11 Geeky Choices for Independence Day Video Entertainment


It’s Independence Day in the United States of America, so patriotism is in the air. In case you feel that the urge to be patriotic conflicts with your usual urge to be geeky, we’re here to help.
Continue reading

Sharing Classic Films With Your Kids

'Frankenstein': Traumatizing children for 84 years.

A lot of geeky media includes references to older, less-geeky media. It’s not enough to just show our kids the geek standards; they need to see the films that the geek standards are referencing. So I started compiling a list of classic films that I think kids ought to see. Continue reading