Firewatch Child with ingredients for science fair project.

Deadpool Joins ‘ Marvel Contest of Champions’

Marvel Contest of Champions Deadpool

Just a quick update on ‘Marvel Contest of Champions’ for you Deadpool fans: the Collector put Deadpool in charge of the latest set of quests, and he’s made a real mess of it. As far as Deadpool goes, this one includes a lot of silliness but is fairly tame—so it’s kid-safe even if the movie is very much not. Continue reading

Wizard World Comic Con Is Coming to Portland


Wizard World Comic Con Portland is now just a week away (February 19-21), and I can’t wait to attend. This will be my first Wizard World convention. Continue reading

Yo-kai (Toys) Are Everywhere!

yokai watch logo

When I first began talking about the arrival of Japanese super-property ‘Yo-kai Watch’ here in the New World, I truly wondered if American kids could possibly grow to love these distinctly eastern ghosts and ghoulies. If my children are any indication, the answer is a resounding yes. Continue reading

20 Must-See Movies for 2016


Here’s a look, month-by-month, at twenty movies worth checking out in 2016, as well as more than thirty more worth keeping on your radar. Continue reading

Video Game Review: ‘Firewatch’ by Campo Santo


‘Firewatch’ is a first-person mystery game where you play Henry, a 40-something man who’s avoiding the mess his life has become by taking a summer job as a fire lookout deep in the heart of Wyoming’s Shoshone National Forest. But, as Henry learns, isolation isn’t going to solve your problems. Continue reading

GBBP 50: Rob Paulsen


This week, we’re joined by the inimitable Rob Paulsen. Best known as the voice of Pinky, Yakko Warner, Pete Junior, Gusto Gummi, and not one but TWO Ninja Turtles, Rob has given life to literally hundreds of characters over the years. Continue reading