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A Behind-the-Scenes Peek at Marvel Universe Live


Marvel Universe Live is an upcoming live-action stunt show featuring a huge cast of Marvel superheroes and villains. It may be a long time before we get to see Spidey, the Avengers, and the X-Men in the same movie, so this may be the best opportunity to see them in action together outside the pages of a comic book. Continue reading

Will The Bookstore Experience Live On?


I’m hoping the day never arrives when I don’t have access to a brick-and-mortar bookstore where I live. A few months ago my wife handed me the phone — on the other line was my father-in-law who lives in a different town. His first words were “Jim, I have some bad news. The bookstore closed.” What he was talking about was the last remaining bookstore in his little city, a place that I always tried to pay a visit when we were there. Shut down. Gone. Not coming back. Continue reading

That’s My Jam! – NES Remix 2

NES Remix 2

Complaints about Nintendo seem to fall into one of two distinct camps. Either the company lags behind the competition with its antiquated view of the home console market, or it refuses to stay true to the historic back catalog that made it a household name. Somehow Nintendo managed to address both sides of this criticism with NES Remix, a downloadable Wii U exclusive that scratched the classic itch on their current-gen hardware. It was a big hit in my house, and apparently I’m not alone; NES Remix 2 launches on the North American eShop this Friday, April 25. Continue reading

Cutting Cords Review: The Kinivo WHD110 HDMI Extender

Pretty cool looking too!

The Kinivo HDMI Extender simplifies your home’s entertainment system by eliminating unsightly cable clutter with a 5GHz wireless connection up to 40 feet indoors. Just plug one HDMI source cable into the transmitter and hook the receiver to the television’s HDMI input. That is it! It is plug and play – pairs instantly. I must admit, I was skeptical at first with the Extender Kit. Continue reading

Are You Good at Trivia Games? Think Again!

playing Think Again

Think Again! is a new trivia game from Iello Games and Le Scorpion Masque that takes a different approach: the questions are really easy, drawing more from common knowledge than the obscure. The twist is, sometimes you have to give a wrong answer, so you can lose by being right. Continue reading

Heroic Reading for the Whole Family

heroic reading

Recently, a big topic of discussion around my house has been heroes. Touched off by a re-watch of Gravity Falls‘ big season-ending two-parter, the kids and I’ve talked a lot about what makes a hero, and the concept that heroism – which I routinely describe as the willingness to do what’s right rather than what’s easy – exists in all of us. Interestingly enough, much of our regular weekend reading has also concerned heroes, in one sense or another. Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: The Agents Mark II

The Agents - agent portraits

You can’t trust anyone these days. Sure, they’re following your commands, but how do you know they’re not selling your secrets to the highest bidder? And don’t get me started on “Safe Houses”—just because your agents are holed up doesn’t mean they can’t get abducted or killed. Welcome to the world of The Agents, a card game about double-dealings and backstabbings. Continue reading

You Will Want to Own Letters of Note

Image: LettersofNote.com

Every letter I read I end up saying, “Wow.” when I read it. The alternate history of what never was embodied in the letter written in case the first moon landing was unsuccessful. Mothers giving up their babies, the foundlings. Francis Crick sharing his co-discoveries about DNA with his son before the world heard about it. This is one book I will read, re-read, savor, and use to teach my children. Continue reading