Jack McDevitt Delivers Worthy Sequel With ‘Thunderbird’

Thunderbird Feature

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… if you’re a science fiction fan and you’re not reading Jack McDevitt, you’re missing out. It’s been over twenty years (20!) since I first discovered his 1994 novel, ‘The Engines of God,’ and I’ve kept McDevitt on my radar ever since. With two series (three if you consider the book I’ll be reviewing shortly) and a number of stand-alone tales, McDevitt consistently provides fans with some of the best storytelling and characters you’ll ever find. Continue reading

PowerUp 3.0 Bluetooth Controlled Paper Airplane Conversion Kit Review, Giveaway, and Kickstarter Announcement!

PowerUp 3.0

Are you obsessed with flying? Does your kid use up reams of paper making airplanes? PowerUp 3.0 is an inexpensive drone that lets you combine hobbies! Enter to win one and find out about their new Kickstarter. Continue reading

Sights and Sounds of Yesteryear, Winter-style

Patent image for the Bubble Light. Image: Public Domain

The winter season is full of traditions, many of which go back hundreds of years or more and are often from other countries. Trees, poems, decorations, songs, lights, music, and food all contribute to the festivity of the season. Here are a few things from yesteryear that will help get us in the mood. Continue reading

Teach Your Kids to Code Apps With Pocket Code

Image: Catrobat

You probably know about Scratch, the graphical programming environment developed at MIT that allows kids to code interactive stories, games, and animations. Researchers at the Graz University of Technology in Austria have been working hard at creating Pocket Code, a Scratch-like environment for the Android platform. Continue reading

Sunday Evening With Captain Owen Episode 021: ‘Star Wars Pop-up’


In today’s episode we read through Captain Owen’s newest favorite book–Star Wars:A Pop-up Guide to the Galaxy. Captain Owen does several of his Star Wars impressions, and we learn who his current favorite character is. Continue reading

2015 Holiday Gift Guide: #5 Geek Culture


Geek Culture is a many faceted thing with the term meaning different things to most geeks. This category highlights some of the things we feel define us as geeks. Music, movies, books, and games are all a part of the culture and here we try to celebrate that diversity. No matter the type of geek you are shopping for, there should be some great suggestions here. When shopping I always look for things that they would never buy themselves and this category if flush with them.
Continue reading

Stack Overflow: I Like Big Books

Stack Overflow

While I will grudgingly admit that digital books are improving and that they can be very advantageous in some situations, one thing that’s still best with physical books is the large format. Oversized books are great for showing off artwork or just getting the big picture without having to zoom and pan on a little screen. Here are some of my recent discoveries. Continue reading

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: Create Your Perfect Character in ‘Roll Player’

Roll Player

You know that part of the game where you’re setting up your character, picking skills and traits and getting everything just the way you want it? For some players, that’s the best part of the game—and that’s the idea behind ‘Roll Player.’ Continue reading