A boy stands facing a wall, hands on his buttocks, while a wooden spoon is held up behind him as if to spank. 2ds Lev Grossman Interview Cover

So, About That Wonder Woman Lunchbox…


A couple of days ago, a user on Reddit posted photos of a Wonder Woman lunchbox with a letter allegedly sent from a school to the parents of the child who brought said lunchbox to school. The story was immediately picked up and recirculated across the internet. Every site that posted it simply pointed back to the same story on another site, all of which come back down to a single post on Reddit that links to images on Imgur, posted by the same person. Continue reading

The Truth Is Out There, and On Sale Today: The Complete X-Files for $75


Now that we know the show is coming back, isn’t it the perfect time to binge-watch every single episode and movie, just to get immersed in the mythology again? Well, here’s your chance: the complete series and both movies in one box set, totallying 54 discs, for just $75 today on Amazon. I want to believe! Continue reading

A Long Time Ago, in a Toy Store Far, Far Away…

Feature Image, Plastic Galaxy

During my first Gen Con a few weeks back, I had such a great time… and a large part of that was being able to hang with fellow geek dads Dave Banks, John Booth, and Jonathan Liu (among others). John introduced me to a friend of his, Brian Stillman, who was also a member of our ragtag group, and over a number of nights we played many games and had dozens of interesting conversations… and one of those was about Brian’s special ‘Star Wars’ toy documentary project titled ‘Plastic Galaxy’ that was playing at Gen Con. Continue reading

Marvel Collector Corps Unboxing – Box 3: ‘Secret Wars’


Spoilers abound as we unbox the latest Marvel Collectors Corps subscription box. The theme this time? ‘Secret Wars!’ Continue reading

For Force Friday: Enter the GeekDad/EE Elite 212th Attack Battalion Utapau Clone Trooper Statue Giveaway


It’s hard to express how important Star Wars is to geeks. Episodes IV-VI are core components of our lives, and how we raise our kids. We remember the excitement and then disappointment of Episodes I-III, and yet now, with Episode VII coming, the excitement is back. We NEED it to be great. We want more. Continue reading

GeekDad Review: Taco Dual, Stereo Bluetooth Speaker(s)

ideaUSA Taco Dual Bluetoothspeaker

One of the cooler tricks that some higher end wireless portable speakers are able to pull off is pairing two units for stereo sound. I’ve tried out this feature with speakers like the Vers 1Q and various Sonos products and it’s great—having a pair of wireless speakers for true stereo separation adds a lot to the listening experience compared to a single speaker. However, it’s also expensive. Continue reading

This Amazon Daily Deal Is Going Down the Drain


Most mornings that I post one of these Amazon Daily Deals, I try to focus on gadgets, electronics, pop culture, and other stuff that will appeal to the geeky folks who read GeekDad. And while there is a nice pair of Skullcandy bluetooth headphones on sale today, I think the other big daily deal is a more homey alternative. Continue reading

Great Big Beautiful Podcast: Episode 25 – D23 Expo


This week, it’s just Justin and Jamie as we recap the events of the recent D23 Expo in Anaheim. Jamie was on hand for all three days of the expo, and we talk about what went down, what there was to see, why there were so many lines, and whether it’s worth it. Continue reading