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Novel Ideas: Season 2, Episode 2 Tech Books

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 8.55.42 AM

GeekDad James Floyd Kelly is an accomplished technical writer with more than twenty books published. He is an expert at proposing books and meeting deadlines. We’ll discuss his writing process and how he has built a career from writing technology books. Continue reading

A.K.A. Jessica Jones Casts a Technicolor Doctor


For you Marvel fans who’ve been dying to ship the Marvel-verse with Doctor Who, I have some good news. David Tennant has been cast to play the Purple Man in A.K.A. Jessica Jones. Continue reading

Patreon Update: Even More New Rewards – Supporting GeekDad Is Easier Than Ever


We’re looking for your help. If you’ll pledge to help GeekDad grow, we’ll create even more stories and podcasts. Plus, we’ll send you rewards – and we’ve just added two more! Continue reading

Hasbro Unveils Fan Built Combiner Poll

combiner wars

Yesterday Hasbro announced the theme for the 2015 Transformers Generations line, Combiner Wars, as well as a new related crowdsourced project. The official Transformers app–available for both Android and iOS–has been updated with the Fan Built Combiner Poll. Continue reading

Director Gary Rydstrom Talks About Strange Magic

Director Gary Rydstrom talks about Strange Magic.  Photo courtesy of Merlot Mommy

Director Gary Rydstrom has a lengthy career in Hollywood, most famously as a sound designer at Lucasfilm and Skywalker Sound, working on films ranging from Saving Private Ryan to Wreck-It Ralph. Strange Magic represents his debut as a feature film director. Continue reading

Stack Overflow: Recent Reads

Stack Overflow

I had all these grand plans to write a weekly column starting this year about the books I’m reading. Then January happened. Continue reading