Solitaire Print and Play Contest

Table for One: 2015 Solitaire Print and Play Contest and Interview with Chris Hansen

Time constraints, especially with children, and difficulty getting a gaming group together has made the popularity of solo tabletop gaming soar in recent years. Not to mention there are plenty of us who just like some alone time but still want to game. I recently interviewed Chris Hansen, the creator and moderator of the Solitaire Print and Play Contest on BoardGameGeek.

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Agricola Family Growth

Games Parents Play

My wife and I just welcomed our third baby last month, and since it’s been several years since the last time, I’m becoming reacquainted with the lifestyle of a new parent. One thing I quickly realized was that I haven’t had as much time lately for playing games—and that the games I do have don’t really seem very relevant to my day-to-day obligations. Here are a couple of games inspired by real-life parenting.

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