Material 6 iPhone 6 Case in Curly Figured Cherry

GeekDad Review: Material6 iPhone 6 Case Upgrades Your Look Without Adding Bulk

Despite some initial misgivings about its thinness and a personal preference for the chunkier form factor of my old iPhone 4s, I’ve grown to love my iPhone 6. In fact that thin profile is part of the new iPhone’s charm. I’ve never been a bulky case guy, but I do like some protection from scratches. I’m a sucker for natural materials and I think wood, metal and glass look pretty nice when used together. All of which lands me in the target demographic for the iPhone 6 case from Material6.

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Lonely Planet Offers Road Trip Guide Books

Lonely Planet, home of excellent travel advice and an active travel community, has been publishing some new books, both of the coffee table variety, and of the road trip guide variety. Their latest offerings include books to guide you around places in the United States, such as California and New England, and around European countries like France and Ireland.

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Another Side of History: First Mothers

Did you know that Andrew Jackson’s mother saved him from a British prison camp? Or that Abraham Lincoln’s mom was a wrestler?

It’s easy to find books about the many presidents of the United States. Occasionally we also run into books about the First Ladies. But another important member of each president’s family is his mother, someone who isn’t often covered in the history books.

A new book called First Mothers, written by Beverly Gherman and illustrated by Julie Downing, aims to remedy this oversight. (Fathers of presidents are more often talked about, and are even occasionally presidents themselves.) Intended for kids aged six to nine, it’s still a fascinating read for any age, considering that we learn very little about presidents’ mothers in schools.

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Review: The Real State of America Atlas

I received a package of books for review several weeks ago, courtesy of Penguin Books. My eighteen-year-old, Brad, immediately picked up The Real State of America Atlas: Mapping the Truths of the United States by Cynthia Enloe and Joni Seager and thumbed through it. “This is going to be a good book,” he announced. Filled […]

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Summer Road Trip 2011!

  I’ve loved taking trips ever since I was a kid. My mom always made it fun for us, and we were fortunate to not get car sick. I loved seeing new places, and getting a change of scenery, literally and figuratively. I’ve always wanted my kids to see as many parts of the country […]

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Who Owns the Moon?

So who exactly owns the moon? It is a question that has vexed me for  years. In light of the upcoming shuttle launch I found myself straying back to it more and more often. As a historian I have a pretty set definition of how a nation or country colonizes.  Historically, the Finders-Keepers rule applies: […]

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