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‘Pepper&Carrot’: An Open-Source Web Comic

‘Pepper&Carrot’: An Open-Source Web Comic

An increasingly popular web comic about a young witch called Pepper and her tomcat Carrot is developed as “open-source comic.” Open source in the arts?!? Read More


The Mothership: A Visit to the New SparkFun Building

The Mothership: A Visit to the New SparkFun Building

The shipping department was full of dudes with asymmetric facial hair on skateboards. An engineer had picked up about a thousand Keva planks and on an upstairs wrap-around counter space, there was a crowdsourced build going on — in which you could tell the crowd had higher than the average bear’s level of design thinking skills. Strung on a wall was a DIY art piece made of light bulbs and wire that was set to ripple in response to sounds. A trigger-operated race car track wound underneath a 7-foot tall version of one of those wooden dinosaur skeleton kits. Read More

Turn Your Kids Into Linux Hackers At SCALE: The Next Generation

The Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) celebrates its tenth year with a new feature, called SCALE: The Next Generation. The free and open source community of today is reaching out to their future leaders by hosting this mini-event for kids within the larger Linux conference. Mimi Cafiero and Malakai Wade, eighth graders already with backgrounds… Read More

April Events Calendar–Where Will You Be?

Here’s what’s happening in the geek world this month. Got something to add? Let us know. WonderCon, San Francisco, CA April 1-3 It’s the 25th anniversary of this comics convention. Special guests include Sergio Aragonés, one of MAD magazine’s longest-running cartoonists; Berkeley Breathed of Bloom County; Joe Quesada, editor-in-chief of Marvel; and NYT bestseller Robert… Read More

FUDCon Recap and How You Can Get Involved In Open Source

I spent last weekend in Tempe, Arizona, at FUDCon, the Fedora Users and Developers Conference. For the less technically adventurous among our GeekMom friends, Fedora is a distribution of Linux, the open source operating system. If you’re not familiar, you can learn more at fedoraproject.org. A BarCamp-style unconference FUDCon is an unconference, BarCamp-style. In this… Read More

Open Hardware Summit

The concept of open source hardware has interested me for some time. There are a number of wildly popular (at least with the geeks) products available for “free”. This particular type of free is akin to freedom and not cost. … Read More

Happy Tux Paint Day!

June 16th, 2009 is the 7th anniversary of the very first release of Tux Paint, and thusly has been declared Tux Paint Day! What is Tux Paint, you ask? It’s a very fun open source drawing program for kids. Some … Read More