Dragon+ cover

‘D&D’ Players Beware — A New Dragon Has Been Spotted…

‘Dragon+’ is a free ‘D&D’ resource that is available for iOS and Android devices (best viewed on a tablet, and my screenshots are from iPad–not sure if features and functions are identical with Android tablets). It contains articles and interviews with a mix of individuals and companies that are providing content and services to ‘D&D’ fans, along with videos, hyperlinks to external content, and plenty of eye candy.

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The SV600

Review: The Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 Overhead Scanner

The SV600 is an overhead scanner that allows for scanning of books, magazines, individual sheets, business cards, photos, and much more. It has some very special software under the hood that allows it to not only identify multiple items placed in front of it, but it can also handle the curve of the pages from an open book or magazine scan, flattening the scan and performing clean up to create a clear image.

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