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The Gift of Laughter for the Holidays

The Gift of Laughter for the Holidays

I have a very funny family. Growing up, I was always the practical joker or the class clown, and I believe I have done a really good job bestowing this sense of humor to my children. While I was looking for gag gifts for a few of my co-workers, I thought to myself, “why don’t I give gag gifts to my kids?” To them, these aren’t just funny, but they are the kind of things they would actually use — and probably drive me up the wall with. Here is a selection of items from Skyrocket Toys, that I think would fit the bill. Read More


Enjoy Quality Fruits and Vegetables From the FruitGuys

Enjoy Quality Fruits and Vegetables From the FruitGuys

I love fruit. I really love fruit. It’s not that I don’t like vegetables, but the list of veggies that I don’t like is fairly long. That’s one reason I turn to fruit more heavily, but keeping fresh fruit in the house often requires frequent grocery runs. Plus, one word: smoothies.

So when I recently got the chance to try out the FruitGuys, I was excited. They offer a fruit/veggie subscription service where you can receive produce right to your door on a regular basis. I had a choice among fruit, veggies, or a mix. Guess which one I chose? Read More

Sometimes the Box Is the Best Present

Introducing the GameMaxx Hydrating Game Controller voted “Largest Gaming Device” by the National Gaming Convention in 2011. Video game lovers will be stumped when they receive a giant, over-sized controller that includes a 5 amp adjustable speed fan with mister, … Read More

Secret Scents Perfume Lockets

  What an amazing gift. I’m talking about the bold and beautiful lockets designed by our own GeekMom artist Brigid Ashwood.  More than a piece of jewelry, each one also exudes a delicate fragrance when worn against your skin’s warmth. That’s because the locket compartment holds natural beeswax solid perfume. And each is customizable, letting… Read More

Best! Present! Ever!

I’d guess that the year of my best present ever was 1983. I was in 5th grade and I opened an object of great wonder and mystery that rocked my 10-year-old world. No, it wasn’t a Sears AM/FM clock radio, though I do look awfully happy about it in this old picture. It was an… Read More

GeekMom 2011 Holiday Gift Guide #7: Miscellaneous

The seventh and final edition of our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide contains everything that didn’t fit under one of the other topics. We have music, videos, and other ideas. What are your last minute holiday gift ideas? Tony Bennett, Duets II $11.88 Bennett is not who you immediately picture when you think “geeky singer” but… Read More