Rush performs ClockWork Angels, back by a string section

Concert Review: Rush, Clockwork Angels Tour

I’m just back from the Rush show in Hamilton, Ontario, courtesy of my wife who picked me up some pretty sweet tickets for my birthday. The Canadian prog rock trio and geek favorite has been feeling the mainstream love over the past few years — capped by the band’s long-awaited induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a few months ago (they’re also headlining some Candian postage stamps) — and the concert was one of the best I’ve seen. Rush pulled out all the stops, playing nearly 30 songs over the course of three hours with a steampunk-themed set, a string section for a chunk of the show, plenty of pyro, and three Neal Peart drum solos that sparked thousands of spontaneous air drumming incidents. If you happen to live in or around Portland, Denver, Kansas City, Halifax or any of the cities that remain on the Clockwork Angels tour, buy a ticket. You’re not going to find an arena concert that’s more entertaining and polished than this one and you won’t regret the purchase.

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