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ConnectiCon: Gamin’, Cosplay, and Shows

ConnectiCon: Gamin’, Cosplay, and Shows

Once again, ConnectiCon provided Rebecca Angel and her son with a weekend of games and entertainment. Read More


The GeekMom Meetup: Waxing Philosophical

When the GeekMoms get to meet in person, it’s a pretty big deal. We call them “meetups” in our group. I’m not sure if there’s some official name for it: when you get to meet in person someone with whom you had this non-in-person relationship for so long. For many of us, after months and months of an online relationship, discussing post ideas, debating current events in parenting, tech news and our assorted fandoms, and sharing news of our lives (such as new babies and upcoming marriages), getting to meet in person is truly wonderful. Read More

On Our Own

It seems like everyone around me is pregnant or talking about getting pregnant. Before I went through a pregnancy, I thought that I wanted at least two kids. But then I had my daughter and went through a really rough first year with her. This made it clear to me that I didn’t really want… Read More

Making Mommy Friends

As I grow older, I find making friends harder than it was when I was younger. Because I’m a mom, I am trying to make mommy friends so there can be kids for my daughter to play with as well. I wrote a while ago about navigating through mommy groups, but I was thinking about… Read More