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Take a Trip to ‘American Places’

Take a Trip to ‘American Places’

Traveling and American history are two of my biggest passions. So visiting locations that are important in history pretty much sums up glee for me. And William Zinsser, author of ‘On Writing Well’ among other books, pulls that all together in his book, ‘American Places.’ Read More

Another Side of History: First Mothers

Did you know that Andrew Jackson’s mother saved him from a British prison camp? Or that Abraham Lincoln’s mom was a wrestler?

It’s easy to find books about the many presidents of the United States. Occasionally we also run into books about the First Ladies. But another important member of each president’s family is his mother, someone who isn’t often covered in the history books.

A new book called First Mothers, written by Beverly Gherman and illustrated by Julie Downing, aims to remedy this oversight. (Fathers of presidents are more often talked about, and are even occasionally presidents themselves.) Intended for kids aged six to nine, it’s still a fascinating read for any age, considering that we learn very little about presidents’ mothers in schools. Read More