10 Reasons You Need to Drop Everything and Build a Fort… Right Now

One time, as a child, I built a fantastic fort that withstood four New England winters.

I was so proud of it! I would spend entire afternoons holed up in that sacred place. I’d get lost in an imaginary world, or while away the hours lost in a favorite book. I’d love to know how many books were read in that space!

Of course, my brothers and I built many forts over the years, both indoors and outdoors, but the outdoor forts reigned supreme.

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Keepers of the Lost Art

Kids Rule in Keepers of the Lost Art

I’ve been asking myself a serious question for the past few days since reading Issue #1 of Keepers of the Lost Art, a new comic book that is looking to raise funds to put the comic book in 5000+ kids’ hands and support a website full of activities, adventure, and more: How can I encourage my two young boys to stretch their imaginations and explore their world with more physical play and less digital/virtual experiences?

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