Sunflowers by JMBricklayer Recreates a Van Gogh in Bricks

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JMBricklayer has a great line of botanical and artistic building sets. Not only are these fun to build but also make great decorative pieces for the home or even office. Their latest release is Sunflowers, a building set that recreates Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting in a three-dimensional model that also includes its own light kit.

after 2 steps completed
Getting ready to start the third and final step. Photo by Michael Knight.

The Sunflowers building set comes with 1166 plastic building pieces that can be assembled into a 3-dimensional floral display against a frame 10 inches wide and 13 inches high. A string of lights is included that runs along the center of the frame and behind the flowers. The set is suggested for builders ages 14 years and up. It is currently available directly from JMBricklayer as well as the JMBricklayer store on Amazon. Sunflowers normally sells for $79.99, but the company has provided a special coupon code for GeekDad and GeekMom readers. Use code VIPJMBMI15 on Amazon for one month for 15% off the non-discounted price of Sunflowers. That drops the price to only $68. You can also use code VIPGEEK15 to save 15% on all non-discounted items at the JMBricklayer site until the end of 2023. 

Sunflowers lit up in a lighted room and in the dark. Photo by Michael Knight.
The light kit really makes the final model look impressive, whether in a lit room or in the dark. Photo by Michael Knight.

The pieces for the Sunflower are organized into several numbered bags, some including additional smaller bags inside them. The full-color instruction manual for Sunflowers is divided into three sections so you only need to open the bags with the numbers matching that section, making it easier to find the pieces you need. The instruction manual is fairly easy to follow. Each step lists the parts needed for that step and then shows where those new pieces go with the pieces for the step in full color and the existing build from previous steps faded so you can differentiate between the previous pieces and the new ones for that step. This helps builders focus on where to attach the new pieces. The instructions also have arrows showing what parts of pieces connect with specific parts of others, which really comes in handy when assembling large flat pieces together. I also like that some steps have an illustration of a part to scale so builders can actually place the piece right on the manual to ensure they have the right size piece. This is great for pieces that don’t have studs to count. 

sample of the instruction manual
By fading out the existing structure, it is easy to see where to attach the new pieces for each step. Photo by Michael Knight.

The first step of the build focuses on the frame and the lighting for Sunflowers. The string of LED lights connects to a battery box built into the frame and then runs along the central part of the frame. The second step finishes the storage drawer at the bottom of the frame and begins adding some of the flowers. The third step finishes up the flowers and then covers how to display the model with either a structure for hanging it from a wall or a stand so it can be displayed on a horizontal surface such as a desk, shelf, or even a mantel. The set even includes two hangers which you can nail into your wall with hooks to hang the model.

stand and hanging parts
The set included parts for hanging the model as well as a stand for holding it upright on a horizontal surface. Photo by Michael Knight.

One of the things I enjoy about building sets by JMBricklayer is working on them with my family. My youngest daughter, who is a teenager, helped me assemble Sunflowers. We had a good time working on different flowers or helping each other on the same step of the instructions. It provided some great time for talking and bonding while also creating something for which can share the pride of displaying the final product. Though I have built several sets by myself, I have enjoyed spending time with different family members working on several sets together. 

the drawer and name plate
The drawer really opens and can be used to store things. The name plaque makes this model really look like a work of art. Photo by Michael Knight.

For more information on Sunflowers, visit the JMBricklayer website or their Amazon store. Be sure to watch for monthly sales at both sites to save even more. As the holidays approach, consider building sets by JMBricklayer as gifts for those who enjoy constructing models from bricks. Don’t forget to use their exclusive code for GeekDad and GeekMom readers, VIPGEEK15, to save 15% on all non-discounted items The company seems to release several new sets every month and often has sales on their website. JMBricklayer is one of a number of Chinese companies that offer an alternative to LEGO.

battery pack
The battery pack can be pulled out to replace the batteries as well as flip the switch to turn the lights on or off. Photo by Michael Knight.

Disclosure: GeekDad received a sample of this item for review purposes.

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