The EZVIZ C3W Pro Color Night Vision Camera Makes Home Security Affordable

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Home security is a concern for many people. However, the cost for a system can be prohibitive for some. In addition, some require installation by a professional or involve wiring and other requirements that are above the do-it-yourself ability of most. Security cameras are becoming more common on the exterior of homes and structures. They are also becoming more affordable and easy to install. EZVIZ has designed an all-weather security camera that not only fits both of those factors, but provides color night vision for a great price.

What Is the EZVIZ C3W Pro Color Night Vision Camera?

The EZVIZ C3W Pro Color Night Vision Camera is one of the latest products from EZVIZ, a company that specializes in smart devices. This camera can be installed on a wall or from the eaves of a home to provide exterior security and surveillance. The camera provides a fixed view. Video can be recorded internally onto a memory card or to the company’s CloudPlay service. You can even record snapshots or videos on your phone while viewing live. The camera offers several useful features and settings, including an alarm. The EZVIZ C3W Pro Color Night Vision Camera is currently available for $89.99 directly from Amazon. However, they are running a sale until the end of November with a 50% off Amazon on site coupon and Amazon Prime members can save $50 off the regular price for a limited time making this product only $39.99! At that price, you may want to get more than one.

What’s in the Box?

The EZVIZ C3W Pro Color Night Vision Camera includes the following:

  • C3W Pro Night Vision Camera
  • Power Adapter
  • Screw Kit
  • Waterproof Kit
  • Drilling Template
  • Regulatory Information
  • Quick Start Guide

How to Use the EZVIZ C3W Pro Color Night Vision Camera

The C3W Pro Color Night Vision Camera is very easy to set up and start using. Begin by determining a location to install the camera. Before you physically install the camera, it is a good idea to connect it to your Wi-Fi unless you are going to connect directly to a LAN. Plug in the power cable to the power adaptor, which is then plugged into an electrical outlet. Continue by downloading the EZVIZ app from either the App Store or Google Play onto a smartphone or other device. Once installed, open the app and register an EZVIZ account. Once logged into your account, add the C3W Pro to your account by pressing the + button and then scanning the QR code either from the quick start guide. Now follow the directions in the app to connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network. You can also connect it directly to your network by plugging a LAN cable into the ethernet port that runs along the power cable. 

SD card slot
You can add an SD card to the slot on the bottom to record video right on the camera. Image courtesy of EZVIZ.

For internal storage, you can insert a micro SD card (up to 256 GB) into the slot on the bottom. Using the app, you can adjust the settings to your preferences. These include turning the audio on or off, activating the status light, and activating the IR light or warm light for low light conditions. You can also set alarm notifications to be notified 24/7 when motion is detected in the set area or during the time set in the notification schedule. For example, you may want to set it to notify you only when motion is detected while you are at work and not when you are usually at home. You can even set the detection area and sensitivity. There is also an auto-tracking feature that can be used with the Ultra HD setting. This causes the camera to zoom in and follow the movement of people and vehicles. 

The C3W Pro also offers three different night vision modes which you can select from the app. The first, full-color night vision uses LED spotlights for continuous color views. The black and white night vision mode and uses IR lights to see up to 100 feet away. The smart night vision mode starts off with black and white IR views. However, when the camera detects human movement, the spotlights turn on and the image is recorded in full color. 

3 modes
The three different vision modes. Image courtesy of EZVIZ.

Why You Should Get EZVIZ C3W Pro Color Night Vision Camera

The EZVIZ C3W Pro Color Night Vision Camera is an inexpensive means of providing some security for your home. The alarm notification setting not only lets you set a schedule for notification but also lets you customize whether it responds to human shapes or any image change. Then you can set the device alarm mode to silent, soft where the camera sets up a gentle reminder when triggered or when set to intensive, it sends out a louder warning sound that could deter intruders. It will also send a notice to your phone along with an image captured by the camera. 

The C3W Pro Color Night Vision Camera uses sensor-based True-WDR technology to eliminate overexposure or underexposure in high-contrast scenes, providing evenly-bright images at light levels from bright to dim. EZVIZ offers their CloudPlay service to record video recordings from your camera. Prices vary depending on your country as well as the plan. In the United States, plans start at $3.99 monthly or $39.99 yearly for 7-days’ worth of video history. This can be increased to 30-days of history for higher costs. A premium plan is also offered that supports up to 4 cameras. However, if you don’t want to subscribe to the service, you can also install a micro-SD card into the camera to record video. The C3W Pro is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It can be operated by simply speaking to the third-party voice assistants for tasks such as turning off motion detection when you arrive home or displaying the video feed on a smart home display.

night vision
Black and white vs. color night vision. Image courtesy of EZVIZ.

After using the C3W Pro Color Night Vision Camera, I am impressed with the quality and the features it includes for the price. The IR night vision works great as do the alarm notifications. I like the intercom function where you can not only hear what the camera microphones pick up but also broadcast your voice. All this is done right from your smartphone. If you are looking for a smart home camera for security, I recommend you consider the EZVIZ C3W Pro Color Night Vision Camera. For all that it does, it is a good deal at only $89.99 from Amazon. With the 50% off coupon for the month of November, this offers an even better value. This security device also makes a great gift

For more information about the EZVIZ C3W Pro Color Night Vision Camera, visit the EZVIZ website

Here is a video showing the EZVIZ C3W Pro Color Night Vision Camera at work.

Disclosure: GeekDad received a sample of this item for review purposes.

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