Review – Poison Ivy #6: War for the Green

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Poison Ivy variant cover, via DC Comics.

Poison Ivy – G. Willow Wilson, Writer; Marcio Takara, Brian Level/Jay Leisten, Artists; Arif Prianto, Colorist

Ray – 9/10

Ray: This was originally supposed to be the conclusion of this miniseries, but it’s been renewed for a second arc due to strong response. It’s not hard to see why—it’s a wonderfully creepy horror show filled with thorny ethical questions and grotesque depictions of mutant plant and fungi. And in the middle of all that is Pamela Isley’s slow descent into madness and reckoning with her complicated past. The key figure in all of that is Jason Woodrue, aka the Floronic Man and the villain who twisted her against her will. Now she’s finally confronted him, in her weakened state, and Woodrue has gotten the better of her. The first half of this issue is hard to read, filled with all the gaslighting we’ve come to expect from a character like Woodrue—but that makes it all the more satisfying to see Pamela turn the tables and end his reign of terror for good. The only question is, what comes next?

Torn. Via DC Comics.

Pamela is still in a deeply weakened state, only made worse by the brutal final showdown, and she’s pushed to desperate measures to survive. That leaves her alone in the world, dying and reckoning with new doubts about what she’s been doing. This series has been balancing its viewpoint the whole time, showing the good in humanity while also showing why Pamela finds it completely corrupt, but events this issue might just give her a new perspective. While Harley hasn’t really appeared much in this comic, she’s been present in spirit, and this issue finally gives her the say she’s been missing. I’m not sure how soon the two of them will be reunited, but the end of this issue definitely feels like a fresh start in more ways than one. Wilson’s take on Poison Ivy started as pretty controversial, but it’s come full circle in an impressive way and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this one continue.

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