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Fashion Goes Fun-Sized: GeekDad Reviews the WaterField Moto Front Sling

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Over the last two years, I can scarcely remember a day when I didn’t use my Field Sling Bag from WaterField Designs. Its sleek footprint and sturdy construction not only made it a stable, stylish addition to my everyday carry, but it also helped ward off the dreaded (and recurring) gear bloat—my tendency to overpack, even when I’m just headed to the office.

Recently, however, we had a new laptop rollout at work. This means, in addition to my office iMac, I now have a Windows 10 machine, a docking station, and two external monitors in my workspace. With all that tech on hand, I found myself using my beloved MacBook Air less and less. It’s still my go-to in my off time—hell, I’m composing this very post on it—but during office hours, it tended to stay in my Field Sling.

As luck would have it, just as I was preparing to challenge my packrat tendencies by intentionally downgrading my workbag, WaterField announced its Moto Front Sling, an even smaller take on my previous fave.

My Moto Sling
My Moto Front Sling… in all its workplace glory.

Designed as a front-wearing solution for biking commuters, its trim silhouette boasts everything I love about WaterField products in an even smaller package—coming in at just 15×7.5×4 inches. Though designed with daily essentials like the iPad Mini in mind, I quickly discovered that the Moto Sling was perfectly sized to hold all of my most important stuff.

The primary pocket easily accommodates my Nintendo Switch OLED Model (inside a Skull & Co. Every Day Slim Carrying Case), my Hobonichi Techo planner, my ink pens and stylus, and my emergency granola bar. The smaller exterior pocket is where I keep my charging cable and AC adapter, my wireless headphones, and my car keys.

Both compartments keep my gear safe and dry thanks to the requisite YKK waterproof zippers and an acrylic-backed nylon liner. There’s a little bit of puckering on the outer pouch zipper—due to its overall shape and positioning—but the stitching is sound and it remained wonderfully snag-free over my last several weeks of use.

moto sling front
Textured zipper pulls make it easy to open and close the Moto Sling—even wearing gloves. image: WaterField

As with previous WaterField models, exterior materials can include your choice of ballistic nylon or waxed canvas and leather. I, of course, chose the canvas and chocolate leather—the same colorway as my Field Sling.

The shoulder strap system is self-contained, meaning I never have to worry about dangling excess canvas, and its Fidlock buckle is a wonder to behold. A pair of “self-finding” magnets make it a cinch to unhook and reconnect on the fly, whether you’re trying to put the bag on without removing your helmet or just need to take it off in a hurry for a quick pass through a metal detector.

Like every WaterField bag I’ve had the pleasure to try out, the sweat-wicking mesh backing on the Moto Sling hits the sweet spot, offering just enough padding without overdoing it, making it wonderfully comfortable whether you’re commuting via motorcycle or squeezed into a crowded train car.

This smaller bag also comes in at a reduced price, $179 (compared to the $249 of the Field Sling). Best of all, it’s made in San Francisco by talented craftsmen using only the finest materials… and also love.

Review materials provided by WaterField Designs. This post contains affiliate links. Shorty, throw it in the bag!

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