Review – Nightwing #94: The New Order

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Nightwing #94 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Nightwing #94 – Tom Taylor, Writer; Geraldo Borges, Artist; Adriano Lucas, Colorist

Ray – 9.5/10

Ray: Tom Taylor just keeps on stepping it up on this title, with his tale of Nightwing vs. the systemic corruption of Bludhaven working on multiple levels. Last issue, he successfully exposed the Bludhaven PD’s assault on Haven, and it’s destroyed the police department’s reputation—maybe a little too well. Not only are the police disgraced in the eyes of the public, but it’s gotten federal attention—with the Attorney General showing up to sweat the implicated officers and find out who put them up to it. Sure enough, it’s Commissioner MacLean—a far cry from Gordon—and he quickly tries to flee Bludhaven with all the blackmail material he needs. After he’s cornered, he lashes out like a wild animal, leading to one of the best fight scenes in this comic so far. Taylor is a very skilled writer when it comes to showing just how tense a fight between a superhero and a non-powered antagonist can be.

Interrogation. Via DC Comics.

This leads to the arrival of the new Police commissioner—Maggie Sawyer, headed straight from Metropolis and bringing her trusted detective Dan Turpin with her. These two should be a very fun addition to the book’s status quo. The one person who isn’t happy with this? Blockbuster, who views this as a major chip in his power base in Bludhaven and is determined to find out who the saboteur within his organization is. Of course, we know exactly who it is—Melinda Zucco, who has been one of Dick’s most trusted allies. She’s been playing a tricky game this entire time, and the brilliantly intense last few pages show just how quickly that can go horribly wrong. Geraldo Borges’ guest art this issue is a good fit, giving the entire affair a slightly more gritty, slightly more realist vibe than Redondo’s brighter art. If this issue is any indication, Taylor’s next act is going to continue to knock it out of the park.

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