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Kickstarter Tabletop Quick Pick: Mystery Dice!

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Gate Keeper Games originally started making dice because John Wrot wanted some custom two-colored dice for his tower defense game, The King’s Armory, and was surprised to discover that nobody was currently making what he was looking for. That led to the creation of Halfsies dice, and now over 7 years later he’s got over 140 different designs, with more and more elaborate features like clear dice with things embedded in them, more than 2 colors, pearlescent swirls, metallic colors, and more.

The Mystery Dice campaign lets you buy as many 7-dice or 11-dice sets as you want at a discounted price, but they’re blind bags so you don’t know what they are until you open them. There’s also what Wrot calls “Weirder Stuff” (there won’t be repeats of the “Weird Stuff” from the first time around), so if you’re in for things that are “technically dice” and break the mold in strange ways, this will be a treat.

And here’s where GeekDad comes in. Many of the dice themes and designs are from guest designers, and Wrot asked us if we’d like to contribute an idea. Well, we’ve always had robots of some sort in our logo, and we’ve got a soft spot for Star Wars, and of course we love our dad jokes. Throw those all together, and you get the “Are Two D2” seen above, a two-sided “die” in a metallic silver and blue. What’s more, Wrot is including our silly dad joke in every pledge for free! But be quickā€”the campaign ends tomorrow afternoon!

Find more info on the Mystery Dice Kickstarter page.

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