Rymer Celebrates Spring; Beats Fire Imaginations

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Brady Rymer and the Little Band That Could are known for (among other things) the positivity in their songs. Their new CD is coming in June from . But in the meantime, we’ve got the title track and its accompanying video, “Friday Feeling,” featuring London-based Emmeline scootering around her neighborhood. Inspired by her mother’s video on Instagram, Brady composed the song to celebrate spring (and more subtly the emergence of people from two years of pandemic self-quarantine):

That Friday feeling is turning heads all over town
Shining out like a rainbow breaking through the clouds
She’s got my heart reeling
My head’s on the ceiling
She’s got that Friday feeling

While “Friday Feeling” doesn’t break new ground, it’s a neat addition to the Rymer catalog, with the whole band contributing harmonies and gentle 1970s style pop rock (think Fleetwood Mac). If “Friday Feeling” is indicative of the rest of the album, it’s going to be a pretty upbeat summer.

Listen to “Friday Feeling” on Brady’s website, Amazon, Spotify, and Apple Music

Here is the video:

New Zealand-based kids’ musicians the Itty Bitty Beats (Lucy Hiku and Jenny Payne) have a new CD, Imaginarium. The acoustic duo produce songs about dragon tea parties, mermaids, unicorns, hippos, and even the legendary Sock Mess Monster (must be a Kiwi thing).

The Beats spend most of their time making merriment for the very youngest among us (best for the under-fives), who can best appreciate a party on the moon or riding on a cloud. Those are concepts that translate around the world, to audiences of any nationality. Best of all, you can use Google Maps to show your kids that no matter how far away New Zealand is, children are still children with the same daydreams wherever they live.

On May 20, you can purchase or hear Imaginarium on the Itty Bitty Beats’ website, Amazon, Spotify, and Apple Music

Here is the lyric video for their song, “The Sock Mess Monster”:

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