Review: ‘Red Tag’ #1 — A Brazilian Graffiti Tale

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Red Tag #1 | Rafael Scavone (Author) | Rafael Albuquerque (Author, Cover Art) | Roger Cruz (Cover Art, Artist) | Bernardo Brice (Penciller) | Cris Peter (Colorist)

This is an interesting piece of new art that has a lot of elements that are really engaging. First, Albuquerque is a genius! His story of fighting dragons and his work at American Vampire are great examples of the quality of his work.

Set in the contemporary Brazilian streets of São Paulo, we follow a tribe of brave graffiti artists: Lis, Lu, and Leco, three friends that love Brazil’s unique street art, known as pixo.

It all starts fairly innocently; they all want to get back at Noronha, a brutal local thug.

But, when they steal his phone, they discover a deadly conspiracy.

Their actions bring them to the attention of some corrupt politicians, and, furthermore, the special attention of one Zé Fofhino, a man with a huge role in the dictatorships of Brazil’s brutal past…

Red Tag #1 is available on March 1, 2022.

Page Count: 128 Pages
Digital Release Date: March 12022
Age Rating: 10+
Sold by: ComiXology
Published by: Future Skeletons.

Featured image by Roger Cruz, all images belong to ComiXology

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