Review – Task Force Z #5: The Strange Game of Mr. Bloom

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Task Force Z #5 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Task Force Z #5 – Matthew Rosenberg, Writer; Eddy Barrows, Penciller; Eber Ferreira, Matt Santorelli, Jack Herbert, Inkers; Adriano Lucas, Colorist

Ray – 7.5/10

Ray: While this book has never had the subtle terror of Rosenberg’s other DC horror book at the moment, it makes up for that with all the chaos you’d expect. Last issue saw Jason Todd and his zombie team of ex-villains making their move on a key facility—only to be met with a rival Task Force deputized by Waller to shut them down and led by the ruthless KG Beast. Much of this issue is just one big fight scene as the two squads face off, with zombie brains splattering aplenty and Jason not particularly sure which side he should be on. Things take a dramatic turn later in the issue as Waller enters the fray—in remote form—and it becomes clear that the status quo has changed. With the upcoming War for Earth-3 starting next week and Waller playing a key role, she’s switched up her tactics and is even more ruthless than usual—which certainly delivers suspense, but doesn’t necessarily serve her character well.

Standoff. Via DC Comics.

But while the chaos and torture is going on, there are a few interesting subplots that really capture the mad science vibe this series seems to be going for. The subplot of Bane, who was splattered by Red Hood all over the pavement a few issues ago, takes a disturbing twist this issue. However, this also asks a lot of questions given what’s going on in another title at this moment—it reminds me a lot of what happened with Superboy’s change in design in Suicide Squad. Even more intriguing is the role of Mr. Bloom, the most enigmatic member of the team and the only one who isn’t dead. His escape brings back Geri Powers, the corrupt corporate executive behind Jim Gordon’s tenure as Batman. Bloom seems to be pursuing his own agenda, and he’s hilariously creepy if not nearly as menacing as he was in his first appearance. Overall, still a solid title but this issue felt like a bit of a step back.

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