Build a Better Gaming Experience With Boar Games’ Castle System Magnetic Tabletop Terrain

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This post was sponsored Boar Games.
It’s no exaggeration to say that we are living in the age of a great tabletop gaming renaissance. From worker placement to dice drafting, from bluffing to roll and write, it’s a great time to be a board gamer. Perhaps it’s an even better time to be a tabletop role-player at this moment where technology and personal creativity seem to be so firmly intertwined—and nowhere is this synergy more apparent than in the realm of RPG terrain.

Today’s sponsor, Italy’s Boar Games, kicked off 2022 on a high note with a fresh new Kickstarter to support their modular Castle System. This beautifully sculpted historical/fantasy ecosystem gives Dungeon Masters the ability to customize and construct on the fly, literally building an environment as their players build the shared narrative. (For an up-close view of this exquisite product, take a gander at Paul Benson’s launch day review post!)

Create a winding dungeon or towering stronghold in a snap—if you’ll excuse the pun—as the Castle System employs cleverly mounted magnets to make gorgeous 3D environments stable and secure from the floor up.

That floor, you’ll notice, contains the subtle but oh-so-necessary one-inch grid that players and DMs rely on to keep their 28- to 32-mm gaming miniatures positioned properly for combat, spell-casting, and those frequent Perception checks. Add or remove walls and columns or even entire new floors as your players progress; the Castle System provides the freedom to design, decorate, and deconstruct to your heart’s content.

Stronghold construction animated GIF
image: Boar Games

Like most contemporary tabletop terrain, the Castle System‘s components are 3D printed, but Boar Games smartly split the manufacturing process rather than trying to shoehorn in a one-size-fits-all approach. Bulkier pieces are printed in PLA with filament extrusion printers, while smaller details and decorations are made using resin with DLP printers.

It’s worth noting that this printing, as well as every other aspect of the design and production process, is handled in-house by Boar Games. This allows for tighter quality control and removes a number of troublesome links from the delicate supply chain.

Sets are available in both unpainted (starting at €59/approximately $66) and hand-painted (started at €89/approximately $100) varieties, and while the campaign is currently—does some quick back-of-the-envelope math—around 500% funded, there’s still plenty of time to get in on many of the funding tiers, including those for limited product like the hand-painted Mansion and or Fortified Towers.

We at GeekDad enthusiastically encourage you to check it out as it nears completion (already well past its funding goals), pledge if you’re able, and prepare yourselves for a tabletop roleplaying experience like no other with the magnetic, modular Castle System.

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