Review – Catwoman: Lonely City #2 – The Last Heist

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Catwoman: Lonely City #2 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Catwoman: Lonely City #2 – Cliff Chiang, Writer/Artist

Ray – 9/10

Ray: What does Catwoman do when she returns from ten years in prison? Pull off one more heist, of course. Or maybe more than one. While the first issue of Cliff Chiang’s solo Black Label book had a much more melancholy vibe, this second issue is all about what Selina does best—steal things. Sure, Gotham is in rough shape with an army of jack-booted Bat-themed rent-a-cops running things and Mayor Dent looking to win re-election by cracking down on crime—and everyone else. Even Barbara Gordon, running as the more compassionate candidate, seems to doubt if Selina can truly change anything. But she’s got some allies beyond the past-his-prime Killer Croc, including a mysterious apothecary named Rowen and an excitable relative of hers, not to mention old ally Riddler and his daughter, who seems to have an anti-hero role model besides her dear old dad.

Old days. Via DC Comics.

There’s another surprise return in this issue, but it’s a surprise and shouldn’t be spoiled. What I can say is that Chiang gets what makes a great heist comic better than anyone I’ve read in a while. There are two capers in this issue—both for some unlikely artifacts and weapons that could change the balance of power in Gotham. And at the same time, the battle for Mayor is ramping up and Two-Face’s mental state is beginning to deteriorate. I’ve always liked it when writers emphasize that Harvey Dent was never exactly “sane” before the acid, and this book does a great job of showing that both sides of the coin are a serious threat when they want to be. I’m a little disappointed that the next issue apparently won’t be hitting until March, but given how detailed and stunning Chiang’s art is, it makes sense. Between this and Ram V’s run, Catwoman fans are getting better solo comics than they have in a long time.

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