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This year, get your gamer a gift that will improve their gaming experience with Turtle Beach’s line of professional gaming products. I’ve picked out my top four items that any gamer will be happy to have under the tree. My son and I tested each of these products and found them all to be worthy of Santa’s nice list.

ROCATT Torch Mic

MSRP $99.99

If your gamer is looking for a quality mic to do their streaming with, look no further than the ROCATT Torch Mic. I love the sleek and sexy design and these of adjusting the settings with the on-mic dials. Dials include mic pattern (Cardioid, Stereo, and the exclusive Whisper pick-up pattern), volume, and gain. It operates on a USB-C connection and has lights that indicate if you are speaking or muted, which are controlled by simple gestures. It also has a port to plug in your gaming headphones. It’s easily rotated or leaned in whatever position you need it and it’s boom arm compatible. 

Turtle Beach Recon 500

MSRP $79.95

The Turtle Beach Recon 500 are quality headphones for less than a quality expense. These were developed for professional gaming with the TrueSpeak removable, noise-canceling microphone that gives you a clear chat experience. If you wear glasses while you play, you will want to especially check these out because they are designed to remove the pressure off your glasses while you play. The controls on these headphones are simple, but good with a mute button on the left ear cup. There is a removable mic for those that don’t need one plugged in all the time. The ear cups have a comfortable and breathable athletic fabric which helps to reduce sweating during those hardcore gaming sessions. 

ROCATT Syn Pro Air

MSRP $149.95

If you are looking for a bit of a more upscale listening experience, I suggest the ROCATT Syn Pro Air wireless headphones. My son complained that when he was using them that he couldn’t hear anything but his game. So basically, his complaint was that they worked too well. I gave them a shot and love the fact that when they’re on my head, the rest of the house disappears. Needless to say they are mine now. They use a separate dongle to plug into the computer or you can make them wired with the included USB-C adapter. The mic is removable or you can flip it up and out of the way, which automatically mutes you. The headphones give you a quick sound signal when the mic is muted. You can also control the volume using the dial on the right or left ear cup. The battery lasts 24 hours and with only a 15-minute charge you can get about five hours of listening time. These headphones also work with the Turtle Beach Superhuman hearing sound that allows you to hear more subtle sounds in your game and hopefully, live longer! The ROCATT Syn Pro Air is compatible with Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

Turtle Beach Recon Controller

MSRP $49.95

Not everything needs to be wireless and the Turtle Beach Recon controller proves why. This wired controller works with Xbox Series X & Xbox Series S, Xbox One & Windows 10 PCs. You can use a wireless or wired headset (3.5mm). If you use a wireless headset, the functionality will be limited. Wired headsets however will have the ability to use the Superhuman hearings which will allow the player to hear quiet footsteps to enemy weapon reloads. There are two re-mappable quick-action buttons on the bottom, each can be programmed with up to four different selectable profiles. One of the buttons includes the Pro-Aim focus mode for more precise shooting. You can customize your game audio with four EQ presets including Signature Sound (Default) Bass Boost, Bass & Treble Boost, and Vocal Boost. Pair this controller with the Turtle Beach Recon 500 headset for a quality gaming experience without sacrificing your gaming budget.

No matter your budget, there is something for the gamer in your life from Turtle Beach that will make them a happy player. 

Disclaimer: GeekMom was given a review sample. 

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