Review- ′Usagi Yojimbo: The Dragon Bellow Conspiracy #4′-Thunder and Lightning

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Stan Sakai (Author, Artist) Ronda Pattison (Colorist) David Petersen (Cover Artist)

The conspiracy based on powerful western weaponry has blinded Lord Tamakuro with ambition. When he hears of the daring escape of both Lady Tomoe and Usagi Yojimbo, he decides to start his plans of conquest early. He feels confident in his army′s forces and newly acquired gunpowder.

Somehow, everything that has been going on continues its course in just a few hours. Before, we saw all the main characters of this conflict face each other in different ways, under a rumbling sky. Now, all have gathered and reached a decision: they will fight Lord Tamakuro, together.

Let′s count all the actors here: first there is Lord Noriyuki′s faithful servant, Lady Tomoe, who was left for dead by Usagi and has caused nightmares in his sleep, because he cannot forgive himself for this.

Then there is the ninja Shigen of the Neko clan, who has both defied Usagi and forgiven him, because he now knows that the true culprit of his village devastation was Lord Tamakuro. The sheer amount of infiltrated ninjas in his fortress would prove crucial to the battle ahead.

Then there are, finally both Zato Ino and Samurai Gen, an escaped felon and his bounty hunter, fighting under the lighting and thunder of the storm. When Usagi stops them from killing each other, they both accept to be part of the assault…

The storm will continue raging on, as they all brace themselves for the ultimate confrontation!

′Usagi Yojimbo: The Dragon Bellow Conspiracy #4′ is on sale since October 2021

AVAILABLE: October 2021

Featured image by Stan Sakai, all images belong to IDW Comics


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