Review – Superman and the Authority #2: Recruitment Drive

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Superman and the Authority #2 variant cover. Via DC Comics.

Superman and the Authority #2 – Grant Morrison, Writer; Mikel Janin, Fico Ossio, Evan Cagle, Travel Foreman, Artists; Jordie Bellaire, Sebastian Cheng, Dave Stewart, Alex Sinclair, Colorists

Ray – 8.5/10

Ray: You never know what to expect with Morrison, so it’s not a surprise that this second issue is nothing like the one before it. While the first focused entirely on Superman’s recruitment of Manchester Black with brilliant art by Mikel Janin, this one is almost like an anthology issue. Four artists show us the recruitment of the team, the whole while the aging Superman and Manchester bicker and snark about each new member.

At the Fortress. Via DC Comics.

First up is a segment focusing on Natasha Irons, aka Steel, as she deals with a threat coming from the internet. One wave after another of enemies based around digital scourges attack the city, starting with clickbait robots, followed by internet trolls, and finally elite robot enemies called Edgelords. It’s a funny, kind of on-the-nose way to address real problems while also delivering strong action.

The Midnighter and Apollo segment is the one I’m sure most people were excited about, and it’s great to see a more classic version of DC’s original LGBT couple. These two have more of the vibe of the old married couple from Wildstorm, as they tear apart a group of robot warriors with a disturbing secret behind them. I love the little detail that Apollo is a Superman fanboy ever since he was created—they should be a fun addition to the team.

I’m not as sure about the Enchantress segment, which is given a unique spooky art style. Enchantress is a character who’s too often used as a plot device, and this story has a lot of mood whiplash. Is she exploring a haunted house with her boyfriend? Is she a prisoner in an insane asylum? Or is she somewhere much, much darker as Superman comes to rescue her? We don’t get any real answers or characterization for her.

The first issue was almost entirely a strong character piece with some great action. This is a much more eclectic issue, but one that still demonstrates Morrison’s consistently strong grasp over the entire DCU.

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