Ghost Oreo Protein Shake Powder Review

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Ghost is making family protein whey better with a new Oreo-flavored shake!

Like many of you, I am tirelessly trying to lose a few pounds. The geek lifestyle can play havoc on the human body, so anything that I can add to my diet to create some positive momentum is a plus. I have been drinking protein shakes as a dietary supplement since the late 1980s when I was playing high school football. Many different types of companies, formulas, and flavors have passed my lips in the past thirty years. I must say that, for the most part, it has not been a pleasant experience. Nevertheless, I persist. 

So when I heard about Ghost making an Oreo-flavored shake, it piqued my curiosity. I love Oreos, I love shakes, and my doctor wants me to take in more protein and fewer carbs. This seemed like a no-brainer. Luckily, GNC was able to send me over a tub to try out. 

Like most modern protein supplements Ghost Whey is versatile and can be used in smoothies, oats, protein ice cream, pancakes, and baked goods. My favorite thing to use it with is making a large cup of coffee in the morning and adding a scoop as my creamer. This gives my coffee a little vanilla mocha flavor, and I get my protein and caffeine in one take. This makes for a great grab-and-go breakfast that will keep you full until lunch. Just be careful that you stir it occasionally, or the protein will just make a mud mound at the bottom of your coffee cup. This also works with iced coffee, but I would recommend using a shaker ball in a sealed cup and shaking the hell out of it to get the protein to dissolve. Here is a set I recommend from Amazon for $5.98.

I recommend you get some balls if you want to use this protein.


As you can imagine, being a protein shake, the Ghost Oreo flavor packs quite a lot, coming in at 25 grams. Along with the protein, the Oreo shake only has 150 calories and 3 grams of sugar if you make it with just plain water. You have to factor in the added calories, fat, and sugar if you want to use it with milk. Truth be told, it does taste much better with milk and it improves the consistency. But if you look at the Oreo shake powder as a base, it is a pretty solid one to work from as far as shakes and cooking go. You get about 50% of your daily value of protein for one shake, so mixing that with a reasonable diet, you should hit your daily 100%.


The Ghost Oreo flavor protein shake tastes very good with a few caveats. If you have a problem with mixing textures like my son does—he has autism—be careful. You have the smoothness of the shake but bits of cookie floating around. I cannot get enough cookies, so it did not bother me. But I know from experience that textures can be an issue. The shake is creamy and sweet without a lot of sugar and blends the Oreo filling vanilla flavor with the cookie chunks well.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are not used to consuming large quantities of protein that it may have an effect on your digestive tract. You can get a bit gassy if you are not used to it. This is also a whey milk protein, so if you are allergic to whey or milk products you may want to try out something along the lines of pea protein or hemp.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

The Ghost Oreo flavor protein shake tastes great and is worth a try. It is not cheap, coming in at $39.99 through GNC. You must take into consideration that it gives you 26 servings. If you use it for a meal replacement, think of it as 26 meals for $40, and it becomes very cheap. If you are looking to get your teenagers—protein shakes are usually not recommended for younger children—more protein in their diet with some delicious shakes, this is something you should really consider.

Thoughts expressed in this article are the author’s alone and not that of the manufacturer or editorial staff. A sample of the Ghost Oreo-flavored protein was made available by the manufacturer.

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