‘The Story Seed Podcast’ and ‘Paper Girls’ Summer Updates!

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As we pointed out earlier this year, a good thing that came out of this pandemic was the time and thought put into digital resources.

Receiving content that is positive and engaging and creating your own creative outlets are both important. They are part of what will mark the childhoods of the future.

So, here are some updates on two of these outlets.

Summer of Podcasts Is Now Open

The Story Seeds Podcast, launched in March 2020, brings a young person and a best-selling author to the collaboration table in order to grow stories. As We Need Diverse Voices would tell you, that collaboration was magical and empowered thousands of children to find their own voice and be confident. Now, together with Literary Safari, they have produced a series of workshops, mini-camps, and more intensive camps that are digitally available throughout the summer.

If your kid (in grades 3-8) has an interest in radio, wants to communicate, or wants to figure out what the whole podcasting is all about, this digital camp is for you. It aims to introduce kids to the wide world of podcasting and equip them with the tools they need to start growing their own podcasts.

All programs will be facilitated by educators and will feature live presentations by both young and professional podcasters.

The Paper Girls Show Is Now Available on Sensical TV

The Paper Girls Show aims to empower young girls to imagine, create, and learn through the exploration of S.T.E.A.M. The videos are less than 7 minutes long and are accompanied by a fun page where you can review the material created and thus be inspired to create your own.

Each solution in the show is based on existing science that kids can research and make themselves, promoting themes of hands-on making, mindfulness, and dealing with mistakes. The episodes are connected to the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and a team of top STEAM educators has created curriculum activity guides to accompany each episode, for at-home or in-school use. The curriculum guides for each episode are available here.

And now, the show is available on a new, free platform by Common Sense Media, Sensical TV!

Disclosure: GeekDad received access to these products for review purposes, however, all opinions remain my own.

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