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It’s tough to be a DJ when the parties are all remote. DJ Willy Wow (William March) experienced this firsthand during our pandemic year. With the world reopening, Willy has dropped his latest rave collection, It’s All Good In the Naturehood (featuring Grotch the Sasquatch) on 8 Pound Gorilla Records.

It’s All Good In the Naturehood from DJ Willy Wow

Naturehood spends its eight songs educating kids to the importance to conservation (as it directly relates to forest fires on “California Fire”) and gives background on the character of Grotch on “We Found Bigfoot! (Believe It Or Not)” and “Funky Bigfoot.” National parks and camping get shout-outs on “More S’Mores” and “Butterflies.” COVID is not ignored, with mentions on “Curbside DJ Slide” (“Don’t forget to wear your mask”), as well as a chorus on “We Found Bigfoot”:

We know you waited
We’re glad you made it
Let’s celebrate it
And Grandma’s vaccinated

Willy is not new to the DJ game, having first entered the arena way back in 2005. He and his cast of characters have been featured on Sirius XM Kids Place Live and performed at four annual White House Easter Egg Rolls. This collection ably showcases his ability to generate kid-friendly old school dance music for all ages. Willy (and Grotch) are out of the woods on Naturehood – now it’s up to the rest of us to get vaccinated so the party never ends.

It’s All Good In the Naturehoodis available from DJ Willy Wow’s websiteApple MusicSpotify, or Amazon Music.

Here is the video for Willy’s song, “More S’Mores”:

People talk about the “plight” of the disabled while sometimes ignoring their strengths and achievements. Mista Cookie Jar is taking a crack at a summertime anthem with his new song, “Magic Day.” Joining him is collaborator Orbit Deen (Michael Cooney). In his day job, Cooney is an activist for the disabled, as well as a songwriter and motivational speaker. His “Able Cafe” podcast delves into ways to bust stereotypes about the disabled. “Magic Day” drops a happy beat about personal powers and potential, delivering a potent message about overcoming obstacles to accomplish new tasks and activities with family and friends. You can grab the song from Bandcamp (below):

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