Review: ′Claire & the Dragons: Issue 1′—This Girl Has Grit

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Wander Antunes (Author, Artist, Cover Artist)

Claire & the Dragons begins well: there was, once upon a time, a village leader by the name of Lontar. His world was one constantly in danger of plagues, droughts, and dragons. However, he has heard in a dream that he must keep himself inside a cave to deter dragons, until the right person comes along to face them…

Now, time has passed, and the dragons have stayed away. People have forgotten about them, and believe that this old hermit is just a crazy man, that keeps escaping from dragons that live only in his mind.

Young Claire has started visiting Lontar and has befriended him. Somehow, they have found themselves training with a long stick, and by now she is a pretty daft fighter, wearing pants and not fearing other kids.

Her fighting abilities are nice to watch: she′s quick on her toes and has good reflexes.

She stands up for Lontar when they come to taunt him, and can stand up for herself… even when she is kidnapped by druids who want to sacrifice her and other girls to guarantee a good harvest…

Lontar wants Claire to take his place and save the ungrateful people who mock them both. Soon young Claire will have to face her destiny.

This is the first issue of an ongoing series that will be collected in one volume, very much like the ones that are sold in Europe for kids.

Claire & the Dragons: Issue 1 is on sale since June 2021.

AVAILABLE: June 2021
Scoot Imprint

Featured image by Wander Antunes, all images belong to Scout Comics

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