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Suicide Squad #3 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Suicide Squad #3 – Robbie Thompson, Writer; Eduardo Pansica, Penciller; Julio Ferreira, Inker; Marcelo Maiolo, Colorist

Ray – 7/10

Ray: It’s not usually this fast for a title to get into a crossover in a new status quo, but nothing is waiting in Infinite Frontier. The Suicide Squad is being sent after the kids from Teen Titans Academy, and things are getting ugly. There are some interesting tidbits right at the start of the issue, as the psychic Nocturna profiles Superboy for Amanda Waller. There have been a lot of questions about Superboy’s role in this series, and this may answer some of them. While Conner Kent is back from limbo, he may not be entirely back—as there seem to be a series of blank holes in his memory and history. I did like seeing a flashback to his Young Justice days, including a cameo from the villain Harm. I was less interested in the original Suicide Squad recruits, who mainly seem to exist to get threatened with death by Waller. One doesn’t even seem to be a criminal, just a tragic experiment victim.

Who is Superboy? Via DC Comics.

Soon enough, Waller sends them out on their next mission—to hunt down the Teen Titans Academy recruit Bolt, who had a spotlight in the previous issue of that title. We know from Future State that she does wind up being a reluctant member of the squad in the future, but this issue doesn’t quite show us why she would be eligible for membership. Is Waller just casually kidnapping disabled teenagers and putting bombs in their neck now? The battle scene is pretty entertaining, as the squad tries to set up an elaborate series of traps around the city to trip Bolt up—and fails miserably. It almost feels like a Looney Tunes skit at points, but in the end she gets away, and that’s what sets up the cliffhanger—as another Teen Titans enemy shows up to help the squad take their pursuit into the mansion. Overall, the action is good but the status quo still isn’t really clicking.

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