Review – Wonder Woman #765: Last Stand in Zandia

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Wonder Woman #765 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Wonder Woman #765 – Mariko Tamaki, Writer; Steve Pugh, Artist; Romulo Fajardo Jr, Colorist

Ray – 8.5/10

Ray: The unlikely team-up of Wonder Woman and Maxwell Lord continues as they pursue the dangerous technology that Liar Liar used to cause a psychic war, and their next stop is one of the most dangerous locations in the world—Zandia, the secretive kingdom of crime where supervillains go to trade their wares and get the weapons they need to wage war. The stakes of this story are strong, even as the tone stays relatively light—when Superman offers to come along as backup, Diana rejects it because of the chance that Lord could turn heel and use him as a weapon against her. Of course, as long-time DC fans know, this is not an idle risk but something that happened pre-Flashpoint. As they settle into their new digs undercover in Zandia, the two unlikely allies continue to banter and insult each other—but danger is right around the corner, and it may not be targeting the one you think.

Crash landing. Via DC Comics.

It’s been a while since Max Lord was the main villain of a storyline, and Mariko Tamaki is doing a good job establishing just why he was so effective. He doesn’t need to lift a finger to be one of the most dangerous men on the planet. Steve Pugh’s Zandia is a creepy melting pot of international and interplanetary rogues, including a deadly pink-skinned assassin that nearly takes out Max, but the bigger threat is yet to emerge. Count Vertigo, the villain of the upcoming arc, has mostly been a mid-level Green Arrow villain for years, but Tamaki has bigger plans for him—portraying him as an international criminal mastermind with global ambitions. The ending took me by surprise—this is something that’s happened to Diana before in the Greg Rucka run, and the execution there was iffy. But this take on the trope has Diana in far more uncertain quarters, with only a longtime enemy to rely on for help. I continue to be highly intrigued by this run, which isn’t like any WW run I’ve read before.

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