Crosley Beatles record crate review

GeekDad Review: Store Your Vinyl in Style With a Beatles Record Crate From Crosley

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Crosley is probably best known for its colorful and iconic Cruiser Deluxe portable record players. (You can read Jenny Bristol’s review of one here.) In recent years, the company has expanded its range, moving beyond all-in-one systems to standalone turntables like the Crosley C6 I reviewed a few years back. And if you can ever find one (it’s been discontinued), the Crosley C20—with its Zebrano wood veneer and upscale Pro-Ject components—remains one of my favorite mid-range turntable options. The company also offers a huge range of accessories, including a line of very popular wooden record storage crates.

Crosley Beatles record crate review
A very Beatles way to store your record collection. (Photo by Brad Moon)

Crosley just renewed its license to sell accessories branded with “The Beatles,” and that includes record storage crates like The Beatles Yellow Submarine version I was recently sent.

Some people are all-in on old milk crates for their record storage, but I’m more of a wooden crate fan.

Crosley Beatles record crate review
There are just five pieces to screw together and the holes are pre-drilled. (Photo by Brad Moon)

The Crosley version sells for under $50—which is less than I paid just for materials when I built my own crate several years ago. The Crosley version weighs much less than mine. It is made of wood (mostly plywood with some solid chunks on the end frames), but at just 2.5 pounds it’s pretty light stuff. The flat-pack kit arrives partially pre-assembled in five pieces with pre-drilled holes and a packet of screws. It assembles easily and once together it’s surprisingly solid. I’ve had one of these loaded with records for the past two years and it has stood up to the weight without a problem. I did, however, use wood glue in addition to the included screws.

Crosley Beatles record crate review
Mostly on-theme… (Photo by Brad Moon)

The crate measures 13.75 x 9.5 x 18 inches and has the capacity to hold between 40 and 75 albums. Your mileage will vary by factors like how many double-albums are in your collection and whether you use protective sleeves. There is also a stackable version offered.

The Beatles Yellow Submarine version is an eye-catcher. The wood is painted bright yellow, and the front and back panels are decorated with a Yellow Submarine graphic. If this Beatles phase isn’t your favorite, you can also get the wooden record storage crate in Abby Road, Apple, and Sgt. Pepper’s themes. Or you can go with natural wood or a range of painted wood options.

The one addition I’ve made to all my wooden record crates is the addition of a set of swivel wheels—I keep them on the floor, so having the wheels makes it a lot easier to move them around than having to lift 75 records. I’ve used this $13 set from Amazon the last few times and they work perfectly.

Crosley Beatles record crate review
$13 worth of swivel wheels makes it perfect for wheeling records around. (Photo by Brad Moon)

If you need affordable record storage with a rustic and retro look, the Crosley record storage crate does the job nicely. And if you’re a record-collecting Beatles fan, you’ll definitely want to check out Crosley’s The Beatles collection.

Disclosure: Crosley provided a Beatles record crate for evaluation but had no input into this review. As an Amazon Associate, I earn affiliate fees from qualifying purchases.

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