Havit RGB gaming mousepad review

GeekDad Review: Havit RGB Gaming Mouse Pad

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With way too much time on their hands these days, my twin teenage gamers have expanded their area of focus from consoles to include PC gaming as well. They recently purchased new high-powered laptops—ostensibly for school, but no one needs that kind of graphics firepower to write an essay. Anyway, they also picked up gaming mice (another dead giveaway) but forgot to add a mouse pad to the basket. I ordered them a pair of Havit RGB mouse pads from Amazon, and these things are actually pretty cool.

Havit RGB gaming mousepad review
Havit RGB gaming mouse pad in action. (Photo by Brad Moon)

The Havit mouse pad is soft, flexible (it arrives rolled up in a tube), lightly padded, non-slip, and covered in a tight weave cloth surface. All fine, but what makes it pop (literally) is an RGB LED light strip sewn into the outer edge of the pad. The light displays Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Cyan, Yellow, and White, with the option of choosing one color or using one of seven dynamic lighting modes.

The mouse pad plugs into a PC’s USB port for power but doesn’t attempt to synchronize with any game settings. This is purely decoration. The light setting (including brightness) is adjusted by pushing a button on the mouse pad controller.

The pad is offered in two sizes. I picked the small (about 10 x 14-inches), but there is also a larger size offered. After being unrolled, the pad fully flattened out within a day or so. The USB cable is roughly three-feet long, but if that’s too short you can just use your own. The surface works well for accurate tracking with their gaming mice, and the cloth hasn’t yet shown any sign of wear. The rubber back does a good job of preventing the pad from moving around on their desks. The light strip is securely stitched into place. Amazon buyers seem to agree it’s a decent product, with an average 4.6-star rating with 550 posters.

Havit RGB gaming mousepad review
Everything you need to know about the Havit RGB gaming mouse pad. (Image copyright Havit)

It’s a functional mouse pad, but above all, the light show has been a big win. And at $23.99, the Havit RGB gaming mouse pad isn’t that big a premium over an everyday version that’s a lot less fun to look at.

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