Kickstarter Quick Picks: ‘Marvel United’ Updates—Designing Heroes, Venom, and Carnage On Deck

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Hero cards. Image by CMON.

What Are Kickstarter Quick Picks?

Kickstarter Quick Picks are short looks at projects currently on Kickstarter that are of interest to me, and by extension, many of our GeekDad readers. A Quick Pick is not an endorsement of the Kickstarter campaign, nor have I (as yet) received any product copies to review. If you like what you see here, go check out the campaign and decide for yourself if you’d like to back it, or wait until GeekDad has had a chance to go hands-on. As always, caveat emptor—let the buyer beware.

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What Is Marvel United?

Marvel United is a game from CMON and Spin Master Games currently in a Kickstarter campaign. You can read more about it here.

Updates for the Weekend of 2/15-2/16

It’s been a productive weekend for the Marvel United campaign.

First, there was a write-up on Designing the Heroes detailing the big and small ways that the heroes play differently from each other.

Next up, the campaign hit $720k, unlocking Jessica Jones and revealing the Kickstarter-exclusive Venom as the next stretch goal.

Jessica Jones. Image by CMON.
Venom. Image by CMON.

Finally, the campaign hit $770k, unlocking Venom and setting up the next villain, the Kickstarter-exclusive Carnage.

Carnage. Image by CMON.

At the time of this writing, the campaign had just crossed the $800k threshold. When will Carnage be added to the campaign, and who (or what) will be the next stretch goal? Keep an eye peeled here for updates, or you can follow the Marvel United campaign and/or pledge for the game on Kickstarter.

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