The Moab Phone Case Regulates Your Battery’s Temperature in Extreme Climates

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Image: Lander

The Moab, by Lander, is not your typical phone case. It combines several great features with temperature-regulating tech to keep your phone operating at its peak regardless of the climate. This makes the Moab a great gift for your active geek, especially if they spend time in temperatures over 95 degrees or under 32 degrees.

The case itself has an elegant matte finish, and comes in several attractive colors. It comes in sizes for many models of phones, including iPhone 5-11 and Samsung Galaxy S 5-9 (including Edge and Plus models). There’s even a model of the Moab for the Apple Watch.

Image: Lander

The Thermoline feature is the most unique feature of the Moab case. Designed to keep your phone between 32 and 95 degrees, the Thermoline tech is built into the case and requires no power source. This makes the Moab a great case for when you go skiing or travel to tropical locations, as it keeps your phone’s battery from overheating/cooling, helping your phone at the ideal functioning temperature.

Image: Lander

Perhaps the most useful feature is the wrist strap (included). I use this feature every day, and cannot be more pleased with it. I mostly use a wrist strap when I’m walking around using my phone, which is most of the time I’m not at home. Pokemon Go, especially, has me using my phone in odd places, and I’ve dropped my phone more times than I can count. That is, until I got the Moab. Thanks to the generously sized wrist strap, I never drop my phone on the ground anymore. At worst, it drops a few inches before the wrist strap catches it.

Image: Lander

If you do drop your phone, however, Moab’s got you covered. The outside edge is full of “crush zones” which cushion the phone when it falls. These zones are intended to take the brunt of the impact, protecting the edges of your phone during a fall. The only downside to this case is that it makes your phone a bit bigger, because of the space taken up by the crush zones.

No matter why you’re in the market for a new phone case, Lander’s Moab should be on your list of considerations. It’s available for a good price ($39.95 on Amazon), it’s got solid features, and it’s attractive. Check out Lander’s other products if your phone isn’t a compatible model for the Moab.

Disclaimers: This post uses affiliate links which support the author of this post. Lander provided a Moab case for review purposes.

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