WCP: #ReleaseTheSnyderCut – 3 Questions

Would we really be comic fans if we didn’t have a take?

Jake + Mitch, finally, share their sought-after (or maybe not so sought-after) thoughts on the infamous Snyder Cut. More importantly, Mitch shares how the Joss-edition nearly ruined his 30th birthday. Nevertheless, with the growing Twitter-noise, it certainly seems as though the Justice League Snyder cut may actually happen.

The guys break it down through three main questions:

– What does this mean for them as fans?
– Would this event be big enough to capture the zeitgeist?
– What do we make of internet fandom + activism going forward?

One thing is certain, a lot of folks want more Steppenwolf and that is…well, that’s definitely a choice. Either way, if the Snyder Cut does make its way onto a streaming platforms we’ll watch it.

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