Review – Wonder Twins #10: Deep Space Adventures

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Wonder Twins #10
Wonder Twins #10 cover, via DC Comics.

Wonder Twins #10 – Mark Russell, Writer; Stephen Byrne, Artist


Ray – 8.5/10

Ray: Mark Russell has been deftly balancing superheroics and social satire in Wonder Twins, and he’s not stopping now with Wonder Twins #10, an issue that viciously skewers big tech and intern culture.

Zan and Jayna have reunited with Polly Math and are helping her stay ahead of the law and bring her father back from the Phantom Zone, but they’ll need to infiltrate Lexcorp to do that. The good news is, Luthor hasn’t been into the office for several weeks because he headed into space to avoid the Scrambler’s plan – only to forget the landing coordinates. Now he’s stuck up there, eating the nutrient paste he feeds to his exploited interns, and one particular intern is endlessly trolling him. He eventually manages to get back – only to fall prey to a funny scheme from Zan and Jayna to get him out of the way until they accomplish their plan. In a year where Luthor is all over the place and deadlier than ever, this comic take on him is a breath of fresh air.

Wet and Undercover. Via DC Comics.

Russell continues to have a lot of fun with the twins’ powers, with Zan’s water ability being useful in a particularly gross way while infiltrating Lexcorp and Jayna taking on one of her more monstrous forms in deep space.

Stephen Byrne has been this series’ secret weapon from the start, with he excels in one of the biggest action scenes of the series as the Phantom Zone gets infiltrated. I’m curious how this cosmic prison for Kryptonians became a place to trap innocent black men – it looks like Filo isn’t an outlier – and what Superman has to say about this, but that seems like a question that’s unlikely to be answered. The ongoing plot about the next big bad, the computer program Colonel 86, doesn’t really seem to be going anywhere yet and is oddly familiar to the current plot in The Terrifics, but with only two issues to go I’m more than invested enough in these characters to trust Russell and Byrne will bring this home in style.

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