LEGO Hidden Side Uses AR to Hunt Ghosts

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LEGO Hidden Side Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000 Image: LEGO

Just in time for the holidays, we got to check out the LEGO Hidden Side Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000 (70432). This is one of 8 available scenes you can build, and each set can be brought to life using the LEGO Hidden Side app. The app lets you choose whether you want to play as ghosts or ghost hunters, and the LEGO build is an integral part of using the app.

Photo: Rory Bristol

The Intercept Bus 3000 is a detailed ghost-chasing school bus, complete with gadgets and gizmos for your Minifigures to use in their hunt for ghosts. Notable features include a bed, a computer station, a microscope, and even a Minifigure-sized laptop. Each of the characters (Jack, Parker, and J.B.) also has a smartphone-like device that allows them to see and interact with ghosts. With all of these features, it’s absolutely possible to enjoy this kit without using an AR-compatible device.

Screenshots of in-app content

The app, though, requires the set to play. To begin, launch the app and point it at your set, so the app can build the AR overlay around the kit. The main goal of the game is to collect subscribers for your channel and upgrade your gear (or ghosts) so you have an easier time with various challenges.

Screenshots of in-app content

When you begin to play with the app, you have to choose a side. Either you’re a hunter, out to capture ghosts and save the town, or you’re a ghost, out to haunt the town. As a hunter, you discover ghosts which you can add to your team of ghosts to play as. There are unique mechanics available in each mode, which helps you get more playtime out of the set. One could easily spend days working on collecting the various ghosts, upgrading equipment, and just fiddling around in the game. Each additional set provides new scenes, characters, and ghosts to play with.

Screenshots of in-app content


Playing the Ghost game allows you to choose from the ghosts you’ve unlocked to play with. You unlock different locations by playing the levels and adding sets to your collection. Pick any three ghosts and haunt away, but be sure to use different colors, as each color is weak to ghost hunters using that color.

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Both humerus and a little off-putting is the haunted port-a-potty, which terrorizes two of the set’s Minifigure people: Worker Bill and Worker Nanna. This bizarre creature sprouts fangs, legs, and haunting eyes and is armed with—wait for it—brown discs which it shoots out of the toilet. Yep, it has weaponized poo. Careful, though, just like all other LEGO projectiles, small pieces can be dangerous, especially for small kids.

Photos: Rory Bristol

Once they are terrorized, Bill and Nanna are either killed or possessed (it’s not clear which). They have extra pieces included to morph into ghostly versions, complete with ghostly weapons.

Notable Mentions

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These pieces struck my fancy in particular:

  • Soda can – This piece may have been around before, but it’s my first time spotting it.
  • Laptop with decal – I’ve seen the laptop before, but never with a decal on the screen.
  • Smartphones – The illustrated screens bring a bit of humor to the scene.
  • Spenser the ghost pet – This ghostly pup doesn’t seem to serve any purpose in the app, and is just there to get folks playing with the set.

GeekDad received a review unit of the Hidden Side Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000 for review purposes.
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