Review – Justice League #34: Who Will Wield the Totality?

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Justice League #34
Justice League #34 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Justice League #34 – Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Writers; Bruno Redondo, Howard Porter, Artists; Hi-Fi, Colorist


Ray – 9/10

Ray: With Justice League #34, the best event book on the stands continues to be this series – even though its “event” is only a standard-sized comic released in the main title, with no tie-ins aside from the loosely connected Year of the Villain branding. That’s because writers Snyder and Tynion have managed to pull in so much of DC’s timeless history and continuity for what feels like an all-star storyline.

The story is still set in three timelines, with John and Barry in the past battling against Poseidon’s invasion of Atlantis. They’re forced to broker a deal with Vandal Savage, who was killed at the start of this run – but whose past self may be the key to stopping Perpetua from rising. In the distant future, the Trinity and Kamandi are joined for an epic battle against an evolved Brainiac by not just the Batman Beyond characters we saw at the end of the last issue but by an army of future heroes – eagle-eyed viewers will notice characters from Kingdom Come, Earth 2, and other fan favorites.

Poseidon’s fury. Via DC Comics.

The visuals in this issue by DC mainstay Howard Porter and Injustice artist Bruno Redondo are stunning, particularly in the present-day segment where Luthor and Perpetua go to war against the remainder of the League and the Ultra-Monitor.

There’s a fascinating subplot involving Starman and several other Starmen from across time that promises to turn the tide of battle, but I was wondering – where’s Stargirl? She might be the most famous Star-hero at this point, and she’s been MIA for a long time. Maybe DC is waiting to reintroduce her with the streaming series.

The back quarter of the issue, where things go bad in a hurry, are almost dizzying. A Leaguer makes a deadly mistake based in emotion, a betrayal occurs, and it seems like all is lost. With three more chapters in this storyline, it’s hard to see how this comic can get bigger with every issue – but so far, it has yet to disappoint.

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