Review – Collapser #3: Black Holes and Family Drama

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Collapser #3 cover
Collapser #3 cover, via DC Comics.

Collapser #3 – Mikey Way, Shaun Simon, Writers; Ilias Kyriazis, Artist; Cris Peter, Colorist


Ray – 7.5/10

Ray: Collapser is one of the most bizarre comics in DC’s stable at this moment. Collapser #3 pulls it back from the metaphysical elements of the second issue and becomes more of a straight-forward superhero tale – albeit a surreal one with a hero that’s still not the most likable.

When we last left off, Liam had encountered the old man from his job who died last issue, but it turns out the old man is actually the human manifestation of the black hole in his chest, taking a form familiar and welcoming to Liam. He takes him into the black hole, and after a few pages of Liam yelling “What the hell is going on”, we get an origin story that reveals Liam’s absent father is actually an evil cosmic tyrant who made a deal with a skull-faced villain and became a cult leader and would be intergalactic overlord. His mother – who we saw post-humously in the first issue – stole the black hole to try to stop him, but was eventually cut down by the many people seeking the power.

Now more aware of his abilities and their origins, Liam is able to embrace his black hole and use them to save the day and become a celebrity. The problem is – Liam is still terrible.

Collapser #3 interior page
Enter the black hole. Via DC Comics.

An “Everyman” hero tale is only as good as its hero, and as we see in Dial H, when you relate to the lead or leads it becomes magic. But this character isn’t one I’m invested in following yet. He’s every guy who gets a lucky break and abandons everyone who helped him along the way.

By the end of the issue he’s selling out arenas and ghosting the girl who was loyal to him even as he was treating her like crap. Sure, the villain – evil skull face man – is the bad guy here and goes right to threatening Liam’s friends, but I’m not convinced Liam should have the black hole either. The art is great – like a more surreal Riley Rossmo – but it’s a very interesting comic with a black hole of a character at its center.

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