Review: The V551 Optical RGB Gaming Mouse

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Viper V551 Optical RGB Gaming Mouse
Viper V551 Optical RGB Gaming Mouse

Viper adds a great new optical gaming mouse for intermediate gamers called the V551!

Introduction to the Viper V551

Gamers are looking for some very specific things in their peripherals these days and Viper has done a great job of putting all of those in one affordable package. Features like programmable RGB Lights, multiple DPI settings, programmable buttons, and sleek, comfortable design really make the V551 appealing to gamers new and old. For $39.99, gamers and users of all stripes get all of those features at a great value.

What Is the V551?

The V551 has a nice black matte finish, which keeps the fingerprints and smudges down to a minimum.

It is a dedicated right-handed mouse, but if you are a southpaw, Viper makes an ambidextrous mouse called the V550. It feels very good in my right hand, with just the right shape, bulk, and weight.

It has an RGB Pixel strip around the base of it gives this mouse a popular modern look to show off to your friends and, yes, you can change the colors with the downloadable software.

The V551 has 8 buttons, 7 of which you can program to your favorite games and apps. You also have the required DPI Switch, which affords you the choice from 6200 to 1200 dpi to keep you pinpoint accurate. When you change your settings, the colors on the side of the mouse change to let you know where you are in the DPI neighborhood.

The sensor is a Pixart 3327 sensor, with a polling rate of 1000hz to help yuo capture your enemies in Fortnight or whatever your game of choice is.

The Omron switches also feel solid and dependable.

The cables included are roughly 1.8 meters and braided, which is long and durable enough for your home and gaming setup. The base has four glide pads made of a PTFE (Teflon) substance and a funky honeycomb pattern for looks. The scroll wheel feels ok, with just a bit of rattle play in its movement. It has all the features of a quality mouse at an intermediate price.

V551 Viper

Testing the Viper V551

Overall, the V551 feels very solid and can probably take a beating.

Speaking of beatings, I decided to test fly the V551 on my current game of choice, Dead by Daylight, in which I am getting ready for the upcoming Stranger Things DLC.

When you consider that avoiding slashers in inhospitable environments is the main point of Dead by Daylight, having a pinpoint accurate and fast mouse to lead your way is of the utmost importance. The V551 worked great and was very smooth during gameplay with Dead by Daylight and a bit of Fortnite as well. The V551 was very comfortable and responsive, which makes it a solid choice.


  • Pixart 6200 dpi optical sensor     
  • Up to 12,000 DPI through software    
  • Ergonomic Pro-style design     
  • Fully customizable    
  • Multi-zone full-spectrum RGB    
  • 8 buttons, 7 programmable     
  • Omron switches, 10 million clicks     
  • USB interface, 1.8 m braided cable     
  • Large PTFE glide pads    
  • IPS: 220     
  • Polling rate:  1000Hz

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an intermediate level, affordable, sleek, great-performing mouse, you can’t do much better than the Viper V551 Optical RGB Gaming Mouse.

A sample of the Viper V551 was made available by Patriot/Viper.

You can purchase the Viper V551 for $39.99.

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