Review – The Green Lantern #10: League of Jordans

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The Green Lantern #10 variant cover, via DC Comics.

The Green Lantern #10 – Grant Morrison, Writer; Liam Sharp, Artist; Steve Oliff, Colorist


Ray – 9/10

Ray: Thus far, Grant Morrison’s Green Lantern run has been a fascinating, cosmic genre-swapping adventure, but it’s been distinctly less bizarre than most of his runs. For those who wanted a little more of Morrison’s trademark multiversal madness, wait no more – the first two-part arc of the series has taken the strengths of the series and blended them with the insanity of Morrison’s Multiversity. Last issue stranded Hal on a magical world, introduced us to a world of doomed superheroes, and had an alternate version of Abin Sur come to the rescue. That was just the beginning, as in The Green Lantern #10, Hal has begun to assemble an all-Lantern version of the Justice League, starting with a Flash Gordon-inspired Hal with a flashlight Lantern, a hippie version of Hal who is apparently stoned all the time, and a Green Lantern Batman who fights crime with the help of an Alfred hologram. Those last two don’t get along particularly well.

A very different GL. Via DC Comics,

Things only get crazier from there, as the League of Jordans heads into the Multiverse and uncovers a cosmic threat that provides some of the issue’s best visuals. They pick up other Lanterns along the way, including one of my favorites – the Tangent Green Lantern, a mysterious immortal woman whose Lantern has the power to temporarily raise the dead for last communications or for unfinished business.

She was the subject of some fascinating comics in the 1990s, but here her powers take on a more disturbing edge. The Green Lantern #10 doesn’t quite have the solid narrative direction of the previous issues, but it makes up for that with an anarchic sensibility that’s pure Morrison and some concepts so clever I’d love to see more of them. Plus, that Hippie Hal is hilarious and the visuals are as brilliant as Liam Sharp usually is. As this title enters the final act of this first run, it’s up there with Morrison’s best.

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