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Quick Hits: Oran Etkin Turkish Lullaby; New Grin Brigade CD

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Oran Etkin made his mantra “Have clarinet, will travel” and turned it into a vision quest. His Timbalooloo music program promotes musical education through the playing of instruments rather than formal lessons. Oran brought his Timbalooloo methodology overseas for his upcoming project, Finding Friends From Far From Home: A Journey With Clara Net, with stops in Zimbabwe, Czech Republic, Turkey, and China.

The CD is coming later this month. In the meantime, here’s a preview with the song “Dandini Dandini,” a traditional Turkish lullaby.

Here is the video explaining the Timbalooloo project:

What if you had a group of friends who wanted to make children’s music when the inspiration hit them? That would be the concept behind Dave Kinnoin’s Grin Brigade, which returns with their second CD, All I Do Is Hop, and 29 tracks of childish mirth.

Grin Brigade
“All I Do Is Hop” from Grin Brigade.

Dave is joined by his “Randy and Dave” partner Randy Sharp on many of the songs this go-round, including the country rocker “Just Like Magic” and the mouthful “Locomotivation.” Every kid’s value in the home marketplace is evaluated in “High Paying Job” as the protagonist seeks gainful employment mowing lawns, walking dogs, and even filling cups of coffee.

With 29 songs, there’s a lot being thrown at listeners. If one doesn’t grab your kids, there’s another dozen where that one came from. Even adults can join the grin brigade with “Dog Alphabet,” a true canine aficionado’s listing of different breeds and their activities.

ALL I DO IS HOP is available from Grin Brigade’s websiteApple Music, and Amazon.

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